Egyptian Mau Cat Breed Information

The Egyptian Mau cat came to the United States from Egypt and has remarkable spotted markings. It's known for the big M on their heads, which many things stand for Mau. Learn about this breed.


Maus are gorgeous creatures. They have amazing colors that are mesmerizing. They are usually gray, speckled with black throughout their fur. Their paws and undersides are normally white. These animals also have great personalities.

The faces of these animals are beautiful. They have white gray markings with black streaks running through them. Their ears are bright pink. And their eyes are yellow with black pupils. What distinguishes the Mau from other cats mainly is the big M that is traditionally on their foreheads. It is in black and falls right between the cat’s ears between its eyes. The M tends to give the cat a sad frowning look all the time.

Mau comes from Egypt. Its ancestors are the once sacred cats of the Pharaohs there. If you visit Europe, you’ll see statues of these cats made that have been preserved in the Louvre and in the British Museum. These are statues that were constructed during ancient times in an effort to worship these creatures and have been preserved over time.

These cats were imported to the United States in the early 1950s. And it has flourished ever since. These are quite popular cats because of their terrific temperaments and amazing markings.

The Mau is medium in size and is quite graceful. It seems to flow across the floor when it moves. The Mau is a very muscular cat and is even-tempered. It likes to get to know people. It may not take to you right away, as it wants to establish some level of trust before it learns to love you. It’s smart in that regard. But once a Mau gets to know you, it will want to spend all kinds of time with you. It will like to go for walks with you (something that many cats don’t get to do), and it will even lead the way. But you don’t need a leash really after it gets trained to stay by your side. These cats are very loyal and they listen. They have great temperaments and make outstanding pets.