Havana Brown Cat Breed Information, Pictures

These cats to many have faces that don't even resemble cats. They're called Havanas because of their dark brown coloring that is the same as a Havana cigar. Learn about this breed.


These cats are known for their very distinguished faces and long hind legs.

They are descendants from the infamous Siamese cats, and always have a rich brown color.

The Havana’s are named after the color of their coats. The color resembles the color of the Havana cigar, so it was such named. There are two types of Havanas: the British and the American Havana. They were bred from the Siamese in England in the 1950s and came to the United States later that decade. These cats were then placed in an American breeding program that allowed these cats to be different from the British types. That’s how the American Havana was born.

The Havanas have very pointy chins and have heads that are quite triangular in shape. Their ears are very pointy and thin. Their ears are much larger than you would expect on a body and head of that size. The inner parts of their ears are pinkish in color. These cats are very long and muscular, and they have long tails. Their tails are almost as long as the rest of their body.

The other distinguished characteristic of these cats is their legs. Their front legs are much shorter than their hind ones. This is most evident when they walk, as their heads are closer to the ground than the lower part of their backs. The coat of the Havanas is very thick and soft. Their brown fur is shiny and soft.

These cats are quite playful and like being around people. They are very loving and are mostly quiet. When they talk, they talk very softly. In addition, they are very smart animals and easily learn. You need to train the Havanas, and if you have the patience to do this, you’ll develop an amazing creature. The Havanas like to cuddle up next to you and enjoy lots of attention. If you’re affectionate toward them, they’ll be affectionate right back.