How to train a cat to use the toilet

Want to quit buying cat litter? Find out how to train your cat to use the toilet with these tips, instructions, and techniques.


Are you tired of cleaning out your cat's litter box every day?

Are you tired of spending money on cat litter? As long as your cat is physically able, you can actually teach him or her how to use the toilet! This is a tried - and - true method!

The first thing to do is to place your cat's litter box in the bathroom next to the toilet. This will get him or her used to go to the bathroom to use the litter box. Then, after a few days, or several, depending on how fast your cat catches onto things- and cats are usually very intelligent!- you can move onto the next step.

You'll need to purchase a large container with a lip around its edge. Metal is better than plastic because it's more durable and easier to clean. The container will need to fit securely inside the seat of your toilet.

Or, if by chance, you have two bathrooms in your house, and your cat can have one toilet to him or herself, then you can use duct tape and a sheet of clear plastic instead. Place the clear plastic over the top of the toilet seat, but let it sag in the middle a bit. Use a pair of sharp scissors to trim off any excess plastic around the rim of the toilet seat. Then, use the duct tape to secure the plastic into place.

Now, use a small table or a box and place it underneath your cat's litter box. This will raise it up closer to the toilet seat. Make sure that the litter box won't tip over as your cat is getting in or out of it. If it tips, not only will you have a mess to clean up, but your cat might get scared and not want to use the litter box anymore!     

After a few days, place about two cups of clean cat litter into either the metal container or into the clear plastic. Pick your cat up and place him or her on the toilet seat. Gently take their paw and scratch the litter. Let him or her smell the area and check it out for themselves. You should do this several times so your cat can get used to the litter being at the top of the toilet seat.  

Then, remove the litter box from the bathroom. In fact, you should clean it up and store it away so your cat can't find it. If your cat is quick to pick up things, he or she should hop up on the toilet seat and use the litter they find in there. After they use it once, their own scent will attract them back to use it a second and third time too!

If by chance, your cat doesn't catch onto what you're trying to teach them, you'll have to bring their litter box back out. Refill it with fresh cat litter, and place it beside the toilet again. Use the same small table or box to lift it up off of the floor.

Then, after a few days, use a table or box that's a little higher to position the litter box closer to the toilet seat. Finally, place a container or clear plastic on the toilet seat and remove the litter box once again.   

After your cat starts to use the litter that's placed inside the toilet seat, let it remain there a few more days. Keep it clean just like you would the litter box.

Finally, after your cat is used to using the makeshift littler box, remove it from the toilet seat. Your cat should continue to use the toilet since he or she is used to using it.

Now that you have trained your cat, you'll save money by not buying cat litter! All you have to do is to flush the toilet after your cat uses it. And, your job is done!