How do cats communicate with You

Your cat is trying to communicate with you by his actions, when he purrs, when he licks your hand, these are all methods of communication.


I know you have heard that cats are aloof and also uncommunicative but this is just not true.

Their behavior is often subtle and easily misread or even overlooked. Sure cats aren't as lovely and demonstrative as dogs but that doesn't mean they don't communicate with humans around them.

You certainly know that a cat's whiskers are thought to be touch receptors that help a cat when going thru narrow spaces and also are a source of protection for the cat. The whiskers are especially pressured sensitive so they can actually monitor the direction of the wind when hunting.

A cat actually has lots of facial expressions that will display their intentions. Notice your cat sometimes shows a very cool front when confronting another cat especially a rival cat and this means he feels dominant in the situation. Now a really contented cat will even close its eyes and one who is fearful of you or perhaps another animal will flatten his ears back and also hiss, and the pupils will also enlarge. Notice also that sometimes the ears will move sideways, this is because he doesn't know yet if he will attack or run away.

The cat also has different body postures that will show you what he is trying to communicate. Sometimes he will just roll over and over and this means he wants to be sociable and wants to play. Also females will do this during the heat and also during courtship.

Cats have lots of imagination also, as sometimes they will play with imaginary items, sometimes leaping up toward the wall and nothing is there, this is just another way of communicating. They will even walk up next to a mirror, see a reflection of themselves and arch their back and then run away.

Pay careful attention to your cat and you will see all of these communications mentioned above and will enjoy this lovable pet as a member of your family even more.