Your guide to buying a Cat

Tips for buying a cat: there are many places that offer cats for sale and for free. Learn what the differences are and how to know which place is the best.


Your main objective when buying a cat is to find a place where cats are healthy,

have great personalities, and are treated well. You may have to search around to several different places before you find the best possible place from which to buy a pet.

Some different choices you have are from pet stores, animal welfare agencies, breeders, and yes, even your neighbors. If you know the person who’s selling the cat and know that they treat their animals well, chances are that that person is a good person from whom to buy a cat. It’s important that you trust the person selling the animal.

You should buy a cat that’s at least eight weeks old. If you buy a cat much earlier than that, you run the risk of taking the cat away from its mother too early. You want to buy your pet from someone who recognizes the importance of the motherly love of the cats and believes in the overall welfare of the animals. This is another reason that if you can buy from a neighbor or from someone else you trust, that is ideal.

Some breeders and pet stores have a long-standing reputation of being questionable places from which to buy cats. You should check out the history of these places as much as possible, get references, and inspect their facilities as much as you can. You want to look for clean places where the cats can stay, you want to make sure the kittens are plump and seem to be alert and happy. You also want to ask to see the kittens’ mothers and fathers if you can. This will give you a good idea as to what they’ll look like and act like when the kittens are adults.

If you buy your cat from a breeder or pet shop, they should be able to present you with a registered pedigree, a record of vaccinations, and worming certificates. These are important documents to have. From there you can tell that the cat has been properly cared for health-wise, and is a pedigree animal.

If you buy your cat from an animal welfare agency, you need to be cautious of vaccinations and the demeanor of the creature. Find out as much about the animal as your cat. You want to make sure it has its needed vaccinations and has no major health problems that you’d be bringing into your home. You also want to find out if it has any behavioral problems. If you don’t think you can cope with the problem, perhaps it’s not the right cat for you.