Choosing the Best Cat Toys: Toys cats like

Learn what toys are good and bad to give cats.


It's no secret that cats like to play with toys.

And there are many toys they find fun. But what you may not know is that you don't have to spend dollar after dollar on plastic play toys for your cats--cats are often just as happy playing with safe household items that you may already own.

Rubber toys you buy in the store are not always the safest things you can give your cat. They are often chewed up easily and many times ingested by your pet. Rubber, like aluminum foil and plastic cellophane, can cause intestinal problems in your pet. You shouldn't ever buy a rubber toy from the store if that's what you want to do. But if you do, watch your cats carefully, and take the toys away if they start to become chewed or frayed.

Cats often enjoy playing with items they can find around the house much more than the plastic toys you'd buy in the stores anyway. They like to hide out in paper bags or your clothes dryer and then jump out at you. And try dangling a piece of yarn or thread in front of the low to the floor. This can provide hours of fun for cats that are captivated by simple movement in front of them.

Sometimes its the simplest of items that can provide the most fun for your cats. Try giving your cat a ping pong ball and watch it roll the ball around your living room all afternoon. Give your cat and old piece of rope to swat at and roll around with. And when you have time to play with your cat, try getting out a hat and covering up the cat with your hat. Remember, most cats love to hide.

There are plenty of things that cats like to play with that can be dangerous to them, however. You need to be sure to keep poisonous or dangerous items out of reach of your cats, especially if you'll be gone from the house for a long period of time. Keep all plants out of reach, electrical cords, and window blind cords. These items may look like fun play toys to them, but they can actually be quite dangerous for your pets. You want to make sure your pets stay safe while your gone, but still have a way to get rid of the boredom of being alone. Sometimes getting a second cat can help with the boredom, as well.