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Cat breeding info the selection of parents is an important step in the breeding process. Learn how to do it so you can have the best results.


Knowing which cats to breed is perhaps the most important step in the breeding process.

You should first decide your motivation for breeding. If it is to improve the bloodline of one of your existing animals, you’ll want to take different actions than if your motivation is to breed champion animals within your pedigree.

If you’re looking to breed cats to improve the bloodline, you’ll want to first consider what the weaknesses are of your queen or stud. You need to be aware of what the pedigree standard is and establish the weaknesses. A good queen to breed is typically outgoing but not overly aggressive and has decent size about her. She should not have any structural defects and should have a good disposition.

Males should have very few--if any--defects. A good stud should be the best available to breed. It should have an incredibly strong bloodline and should be strong in the characteristic areas where the queen is weak. Male breeding cats typically have stronger DNA and lead more to what the kittens will be like. You want to make sure your male cat is as close to perfect as possible.

If your motivation is to breed champion pedigrees, you need to find extremely strong bloodlines. If you’re looking for champion kittens, you need to make sure your queen has an overall superb quality. It needs to be as void from flaws as possible, has an exceptional disposition and bone quality. And the stud should be very similar. You won’t breed champions unless both parents are of such unique quality that they themselves are practically champions.

Some other things to consider when breeding cats are to be aware of inbreeding. If you can breed with sons and daughters and half brothers with half-sisters, you will help out the bloodline of the breed. There’s a misconception that inbreeding among cats can cause physical and mental ailments. This is not true. Inbreeding is actually something that is encouraged among solid ancestry lines.

You should do some research on the ancestry of the cats you’re considering breeding. Linebreeding can be dangerous. Linebreeding is when cats who have a common ancestor but who are not related to each other are bred. The problem comes in when you don’t look at the physical and mental flaws in the animals you are breeding. Linebreeding often leads to animals with similar flaws being bred. This can be dangerous, as it exemplifies the flaws rather than cures it and can lead to kittens that have severe problems.