Whenever the cows of a congratulated race are fallen or fall apart, and there is no caste breeding cow, its quantity of milk can be more in quantity, but as beneficial as our local descent is health I especially have a "cowboy race", that's not a good idea, the nutritional value of these cowboys is not in anyone else. Because our desi and Sahiwal generation cow has a lot of strength to be compared to the cattle cow, due to which our cow milk can be prevented from various diseases and cow cow's cow's milk also has cancer such as psychiatrists. There is also the most important nutrition and utility to prevent. But these things do not mean that we are against the cattle or cross bride of the breeding community, but only the request that we should never ignore the cow found in our country, but in the interest of the Beloved Guy It is our unfortunate that we have compromised the quality of milk only to increase its quality, and today everyone wants to buy a cow that gives twenty liters, thirty liters or even more milk. Whether it's the quality of this milk.

(= • |) A protein is found in jersey or frozen cow's milk which is causing various diseases and therefore it is considered in the A1 degree, while in our Desi Guy's milk No, but our cow's milk is suitable for all kinds of health and its milk is considered in A2 degrees, that is why people living in Western countries are now coming to A1-A2 milk very fast now. The value of milk counted in A2 degrees is higher in those countries. They are importing our Sahiwal and cowboys cattle into their countries and gaining advantage of their better marks, while we are ignoring our best cow by following the praised cow.

(= • |) Our Desi cow also has a few breeds capable of milking, such as Sahiwal and Cholistani breeds, but due to lack of attention and interest, they are not the result of their natural potential. The leaves which can be obtained by giving better care and good food. So, as many delicacies, we take care of the singing cow, if half of our thoughts keep our native cow and give it a proper diet, then we can get better results from our Desi Guy.

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