In a recent version of the famous American magazine News Week, a prominent Economy analyst has made an amazing analysis of the fact that food and gold in the field Rather then oil in Gold globally will be available in the world by 2020. In view of this context, Pakistan has a natural discrimination that it is already a global reputation for Basimati rice and now American agricultural scientists have decided in research that where wheat flour produces worldwide, Pakistani wheat I have the most protein. Similarly, Pakistan Nili ravi Buffalo and Sahiwal Cow have become a global focus due to their commercial and medical benefits in terms of milk and its products. There has been a major role in the government in whatever we have progressed in this sector. Despite this, some of the sad people give advice to the government, as long as the government's government patronage is not closed, this sector will not progress. Similarly, it is also believed that Sahiwal cow has failed to produce profitable milk. 'While the milk is not a meat-feeding animal, and commercially it eats more and reduces milk. The fact is that the cow's twelve litter and four liters of buffalo gets a kilogram of cheese from milk and the two cheese and cheese products are found in Lunch and Dinner, which are considered favorite in Europe's European restaurants. This is why there is a separate description of buffalo farming, which has a different description. In such a way, in spite and semi-colonial areas, its strength in comparison to Sahiwal cow diseases is becoming popular due to its immunity and productive life. Practically animal imports are a long and costly source, so animals are preferred to import SEMEN. If Punjab government establishes only two but world-class Commercial Semen Production Unit SPU (Nili Ravi Buffalo and Sahiwal Cow), its exports can be able to suppress the entire budget of the province, but the performance of the Livestock department Stressed. While the world has entered the era of Knowledge economy , every country is headquartered in finding ways to develop its economy, during this period, a large number of interviews of MD Faisal Farid Khan, MD of Maxim International, are hidden. Especially the insult or ineligible of the director of the Buffalo Research Institute pattoki for the Conservation of Sahiwal Cattle research Institute rccsc Jang, which has been revealed by the Buffalo Research Institute, has also begun because they should first notice the interview. Chief Minister Punjab should realize that the habit of animals breeds of both the popular universe is Punjab and it should also be considered seriously on this aspect that such a campaign can also try to eradicate the economy of the country. Faisal Farid Khan is currently considered to be prominent in importing foreign donors and seminars, because they would like to have government-level surveillance of ordinary farmers and cattle paddy systems. The Chief Minister Punjab will have to delay the delay in doubts about the Chief Officers of the Department. It is noteworthy that at the moment, one of the proliferation of the Blue Ravi Bread (PROVEN BULL) is not available. Similarly, relevant authorities of the RCCSC Jung have spent the last few years for breeding for the bulls of millions of people. Better than a single breeder of Khanwal bought bulls that were not a fixed generation. Public officials are also demanding all the dams of DNA testing on this counterfeit. So the servant will call the high Punjab, and he will have to take a strict regulatory action against him. First of all, notice should be issued to the heads of the BCCI and the RCCSC Jang so that they can answer these allegations against themselves, otherwise the specialist will be entitled to question the Chief Minister Punjab. This important complaint will also be to take advantage of corporate institutions and relevant authorities.

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