Brahman Cattle Breed: History
Friends were a generation of Brahman or Brahma Zebo animals which were developed mostly in the United States. After 1900 CE, India's Angola Krishna Valley Valley Valley was imported to America by the United States since 1935. The race was taken from the Indian states from 4 states and crossed with a sterilized bread. Since this Brahman race was developed in the beginning, it was crossed into a different period from 22 substances and 267 male bulls, after which its beautiful and beautiful High quality brid dressing, which was later featured in Argentina, Brazil, Panama America, Australia. AIDS is enhanced. This generation is considered to be a very high race in relation to the production of meat. This generation is also being developed in Pakistan too, and the form of this generation is also becoming in Pakistan. There are also many people living in Ahmedpur Sial area area, besides Jung Shorkot, Toba Kamalia Faisalabad, Multan, are also being planted in the past. In my room, one of our co-commodities group co-chairman Bhaiqul Zulfiqar B are the bills of this generation ...
The Brahman generation has made a major impact on Australia's northern cattle markets especially in the northern parts of Australia. Since the introduction of the Australian race, more than 50% of the species of Australia are Brahman or Brahman cross-cattle. This generation can not only be observed in hot temperatures, but also in lightweight climate, in addition to the northern colonies in Victoria, at the bottom of the Brahman race, it is a common misconception that this generation is in the cold weather. Can not Stay In Central Victoria Many breeders watched the animals running where the temperature was very cold.
The Brotherhood Builder Association in Australia is the type in which the members register their livestock and now they want to get registered cattle. Similarly, San Francisco, San Diego, Kentucky, Argentina, Argentina, North America, North America's South America. I am also ready to fulfill my illustration. About the history of Bread, when I asked Indian friend Vigenesh Bhani, who lives in Tanjorore, a Indian state of Tamil Nadu, he asked them, The breeding of the breed is the same as the first thing I have described, to which my generation of research And strengthened
Identity of the Brahman generation ...
The identity of this generation is that it is mostly deep red. Briefing. Fried Abyakh is found in light red black white mix colors, but someone else has a colorful fly, recognizing Brahman Bull is that its shape It is a matter of fact that it is a matter of fact that it is a matter of fact that it is a matter of fact. The thickness of the legs near the legs is very thick. His hair is full of hoob-meat meat, which is also covered in our language. It is the first time that the dark hair of the dark hair is darkened as a round-up, dark eyes, the color of the big eyebrows, dark blacks, like dark blacks, looks like the animal is wearing purple, the thick pearls of the thick limaram Abhya Hughi. There are flesh and fat layers, every part of the body is flesh meat. This generation is the best for the production of cattle, and according to its estimate, its young bull is seen from 12 to 14 minutes. It can be more likely to say that people say it. It is very rapidly used to protect the diseases against diseases as much as meat-rich as well. Ray Desi is not less than animal .. Another question that will surely ask for blessings is that a good animal animal can be prepared for the sake of which race. How can it be made for Sahiwal? According to the best generation, the red race for the Brahman breeds can be made in the form of the best generation, as well as its best-performing Brahman buddy of hearing. But according to my false research, its first cross is 100% pure Not to be a Brahman but it will become 50% 50. Before the cross and the seventh back, the calf or a calf would be called a brotherhood. Even though it is wrong, however, I have been crossing the race breeds of breeds, which I have been researching here. Therefore, all the friends whose forms are and they want to feed animal beverages. Get the maximum amount of time in the form of maintenance.

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