What kind of Goat do I get? , Live stock department

The Livestock department has warned that Bakal 'to get meat and milk more than goats, to get' goat Dinanachi and Teddy Breeds' buckets to meet the meat and milk, to meet the lack of milk and meat, specialists according to experts' circle 'religion The meat and milk can be obtained from goat and teddy goat goats, so goat's palms get these breeds of goats, he said, the ability to bear seasonal conditions normally normally changes in goats' goats. It is high that it also reduces the risk of illnesses and profits can also be avoided, they go hungry Do not quoted prevent various diseases that zudhzm balanced diet to keep sheep safe from constipation and provide aphary Catch saf'hlka water.

They said that keep salt in the porks and keep the place of dynamic dungs. They said that buy healthy babies from 4 to 3 months of buyers who buy new goats and already exist in Bara for a week. Keep the animals separately. They said the north-south and the height of the goat for a goat's luxury, keep the height of 8 to 10 feet and 10 square feet for the ladder goat. Provide 12 square feet ceiling and open space to 24 square feet for goats. .
He said that keeping 50 goats for a goat for six times while keeping a crumble for water. He further added that the goats should follow the instructions of the department to collect the department's salmon and cook coconut, salvage and chalks. Check out the nearest live diagnostic center or nearest healing animal for more information.

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