Pakistan Ostrich Company is the leading ostrich farming and breeding company of Pakistan. Currently it has the expertise and capability to import ostrich chicks and provide technical support and professional advice in setting up of successful ostrich business. It also assists its clients in managing ostrich breeding and farming, marketing and sales of grown up birds and provides consultancy services for protecting the client investment and assets.
With a goal to become the market leader in ostrich breeding, hatching and growing in Pakistan POC imports, produces, distributes, maintains and supplies quality ostrich chicks and grown up birds. Maintaining high customer satisfaction level, POC is offering services in terms of technical assistance, medication and safe investment in Ostrich Farming across Pakistan.
Climate and land of Pakistan is very suitable for ostrich farming. Millions of people are working in birds industry, directly or indirectly. Current efforts of POC have successfully established numerous ostrich farms across Pakistan. POC has also approached relevant Government institutions such as ZTBL, Head Office, Islamabad, Livestock Department, Government of Sindh, Poultry research Institute, Karachi, and all of them have supported the initiative of POC. In short, POC is the only entity working at this level and style in Ostrich business in Pakistan.
Mission Statement
To establish Ostrich Meat, Leather and Feather Industry in Pakistan, by utilizing the latest tools and best available local and international expertise to promote Ostrich farming and breeding that can meet the demands of consumers and the needs of investors.
Our Services
Marketing of Ostrich Meat and other Products

POC is running national and international Marketing and sales campaigns to ensure sales of Ostrich meat, leather, feathers and other products. POC is not only creating market for Ostrich meat and leather inside Pakistan, but it is also finding international clientele in Germany, Japan, Europe, Iran, UAE and Saudi Arabia where Ostrich Meat is regularly consumed.

Ostrich related Products

POC also provides Ostrich related products like special food for Ostrich including starters, grower, finishers and layer feed, as well as medications to farmers.

Complete Lifecycle Management

POC helps Ostrich farmers in managing every stage of Ostrich farming from chick rearing, breeding, hatching, and brooding

Frequent Visits

POC trained Managers and consultants visit farm before and after construction to ensure right standards. After delivery of Ostrich chicks, POC Consultants regularly visit farms to ensure compliance with standards, health of chicks and success of farm

Ensuring Farmer Success

To all Ostrich Farmers, POC Provides complete training, technical assistance, consultancy, medication to ensure safe and risk free investment in Ostrich Farming.

Guaranteed Supply of Quality Chicks

POC imports Healthy and vaccinated, Breeder ostrich chicks from Europe, New Zealand and Australia. POC provides these chicks on internationally compatible prices to Ostrich farmers

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