anaplasmosis cattle
Chronic disease headache
This disease is caused by a cough squeeze on March 1, May June this disease season
So, all brothers keep checking your cow according to these signals so that they can be saved at a greater loss
Its symptoms
1 cow will go down with 1 leg
2 neck rods (ganggroen) will be torn
When the cow drowses, the surface above the dome will be reduced after 15 minutes
4 cow will start giving milk
5 The cow will eat and drink but will not eat food and eat it
6 cow will be 106 to 107 fever
7 When the attack of a disease is sharp, blood in the urine which we call the syrup
Whose treatment
Prepare the amidicobic injection
Oxygen tetra cycle is to be used in the meat
Atopian sulfate injection is to take the urine when urine
Feed and drink in cool water.
Note First of all show the experienced doctor

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