Toxins are dangerous elements of all kinds of foods, which cause loss of heart disease, heart and kidney damage to the body of the muscles through everyday diet. Apart from milk and meat, the human body also causes access to diseases like cancer and urine. These poison also cause milk loss, ability to increase animal growth, and lack of immunity against diseases besides heavy livestock losses.

Toxins Bender is the best solution to protecting animals from such poisonous elements. It prevents poisonous elements from being absorbed in the food of the food. The most dangerous Aftakacson in these elements is also useful for toxic binders, only against other types of liquids, but also maintaining healthy and warming by restoring cattle's strength.


In a more worried situation

Animals ranging from 50 to 45 grams per day or 2-5, 2 kg grams per ton

In case of illness or danger

35 grams per animal feed daily or 15kg per tonne

General food

25 grams per animal feed daily or 1 kilogram per tonne feed

Mineral Mixture

High and standard milk-filled production and complexity-rich fertility-rich and tedious cattle is possible. The livestock's health and productivity capabilities depend on the balance of the body and the physics of the body. The distortion in the balance of the samples and the animals is not only the cause of milk production but also it can prove to be known for the health of the cattle. Formal food meets the basic nutritional needs of the animals, but it does not provide the most important salts and animals required, resulting in lack of immunity against the diseases, but also the physical system is worsened. Minor mixture is very important for balancing the essential nutrients and alphabets in the body of the beast. And it is used in farms around the world.

Benefits of Mineral Maccharis.
The animal remains healthy.
Increasing the natural potential of diseases -
Hungry moderate and best practices in hunger -
Bone and dental strength -
Birth of healthy children -


More likely to be pregnant -
Abortion from abortion -
Birth of healthy children -
Ease of maternity -

Milk production

Increase milk production -
High quality of milk -
Growth in production age -
The body balance and the balance of the salts -

Mineral Machchass Components

Macro Minerals






Trace Elements









De thary


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