Pakistan is an important place in the world in terms of dairy farming, Welat Aziz, Pakistan has vast opportunities for investing in dairy farming .. India's name on India after China, China and America in the best production countries It is counted. The animals that get milk in Pakistan include buffalo, sheep, goats and camels. Power has given our country the riches of high-ranking breeds and sinners, which can lead to a green revolution by taking advantage of it. The number of livestock in the country is about 5 million, which produces annual milk production of 45 billion liters. According to government data, the number of sheep in the country has increased from two million and more than two million and more than two million rupees and the number of goats increased from five million to six million and while sheep were more than two million inches. In the GDP, 11.2 percent has been recorded. According to the general observation, the majority of our Milky Way (cow, buffalo) produces an average of 5 to 6 liters of milk per day, which is extremely low and non-profit.

According to the current situation, our cattle land owners can not benefit from their ability to their animals due to their lack of resources and untouchable by modern animals' evolution. Over time, the use of milk is increasing rapidly and current arrangements and resources for the dairy industry are not enough. There is a lack of facilities to keep the ward for longer use. There is a lot of complexity due to non-availability of milk delivery and purchasing facilities from villages to cities.

The landowner receives half of the milk sold in the city. Apart from this, Milhalal animals have less than six animals. It is very important to treat milk-feeding farmers in modern times with modern dairy farming methods.

Anti-animal defects are not fully paid. The result is that some of the many diseases are caused by multiple symptoms. The number of animal shepherds in our country is very low. Therefore, anti-animal diseases are not paid attention. Generally animals are not given proper food. Livestock are poor and they try to get maximum benefit from less expensive animals. Animals with weakened food and inappropriate care are weakened. It also has a bad impact on their talents and they do not give full milk. In comparison to western countries, we have a low average of milking milk. The growth of high animal species in Pakistan was not fully paid attention. The best system of kettle breeding forms is to raise the generation of high-quality animals in Western countries. While the government does not pay attention to such measures in our country.

Percentage of 25% earnings can be earned by investing in dairy farming. Most of the feeding patients in Pakistan are those who are unaware of the use of medicines. These people are getting lesser production of dairy farming on old and sedentary procedures, while better production of milk can be obtained. Livestock are tried injection to achieve more productivity of milk, which is harmful for livestock and thus reduces milk nutrition. Most people in the village are fishing, if we use these animals properly, then we can export milk and halal meat to Australia, New Zealand and Holland. If dairy farmers provide green water, stream and water in place of cotton, milk can be increased by 10 to 20 times in the production of milk. The daily average production of per capita milk in Pakistan is six liters from Patches, whereas the average average production in Australia, New Zealand and America is 20 to 25 liters.
Because of us, the animal animals are not equal to being, because of the successful management of dairy high-efficiency animal management, the trend of running on modern posts can not be successful. Experiments can be improved in milk production. Punjab's famous Sahiwal Guy specializes in the world due to its ethnic characteristics. This is the highest in the generation of cow species found in the warmest countries. Seasonal hardships are capable of tolerating. It has more immunity against chancers and other diseases. Because of these features it is an important place in the outside world.

The number of Sahiwal cattle has been minimized for the past two decades. According to a survey of food and agriculture, the number of songs of real Sahiwal generation remained only ten thousand in 1987. There was a major reason for this reduction. Two government Sahiwal songs on Punjab's government forms are very low to review any ethnic improvement. Due to lack of funds due to the government, it is not possible to form more forms in government sector, therefore the department of Livestock and Derry Development Punjab decided that the private sector should be shared. In 1999, Livestock and Dairy Development Department gave the statistics, due to which the number of Sahiwal cattle was found in Jung, Faisalabad, Muzaffarh, Sahiwal, Okada, Khanaval and Tobah Tek Singh districts. In view of the number of singles in these districts, the Department of Livestock and Dairy Development Government Punjab started a five-year development plan to protect the cow's livestock generation, which started in the financial year 04-2003. While in 09-2008, 15 districts in Chennai, Bahawalpur, Kasur, Leh, Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan, Sargodha, Bhakkar, Multan, Pakpattan, Sheikhupura, Vehari, Lodhran, Nankana Sahib and Hafizabad were added and now formulas in more areas. Where are the steps being taken to protect this generation? These cattle prices need to be controlled, our cattle poultry is poor and can not afford more expensive animals. High-quality animals are essential for better production of animals. Agricultural banks are issuing loans to overcome the problems of livestock patients, taking advantage of the use of improved animals and modern production techniques can increase the production of milk.

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