To start gateway as a side business, select: Gat farming has been working in the Gateway in Aside-e-Business Business. What kind of farming has been done? Giving a good baking goat in a gut farming, I was able to get the kids from them and sold them in the gutts and sold them by selling them.

The gutts were sold by increasing the weight of the lacquer market from the common-generation bullock market. One of the four ways to do this is to follow. If the general race, like Teddy goats, keep a locker on the farm, then after selling them, then by applying this method, you started earning a year later.

And it will have to take care of goat care, food usage, pregnancy goats, child care, goats and children, if they are sick and have to take care of all the tasks such as use of medicines and shade management. The younger animal lover has a few months to sell them with weight gain. So this method is easier to sell than goats and sell. In this procedure, only one has to take care of animal food, health and shed management. If you have to buy 50 pounds of animals, then buy twenty-five animals instead of savas. And buy good health. And keep it or take a good generation of animals longer than usual. A.

If you get the goats from goats, they have to bear all their expenses for at least a year. It may be possible to reach ten thousand per goat and sell less animals for ordinary meat. Teddy Breeds goats are also sold six months later. And there is more than fifteen to twenty kilograms. Casey Teddy Bucks or Bakers Buy 10 to 15kg.

And per kilogram is not sold normally, but the value of the animal is priced. Therefore, before starting the gutted farming, it is very important that the race will be done in the farm. Also, at least one year, there should be arranged costs after starting the form. So that there is no problem facing animals, windows, medicines, employee's salary and other tasks.

Before starting a gut farm about place or goalkeepers, decide what they have to manage. And inside the animal animal all the matters are carried out or they will be kept on the ground. If it is kept on the ground, what will be its procedure. If there is earth, a pasture can be made there for a bird. Because at least two to four hours daily animals should be stunned or very important.

Without that, the animal's growth will not be properly done. If you decide to keep the goats on the farm, then a good bribe will be necessary for it. Because the farm development and profit building stands on a good brewer. Bakeries are not your income, are assets. But those children who get the goats are the means of your income. It is very important to have good management of the farm as well as good breeders on the farm. Do not rely on anyone in the election booth. If you have to go to the market 50 times.

And never buy single animals for the farm, take care and buy a little bit. If you hurry to buy animals before starting the farm, these animals come to the farm and make difficulties because the election is very important before gutaging. Lots of Farm Management: When you are doing Gateway AIDS Business, you can also manage management. Are the most important

If the management is correct then the form will be successful. Two things are important in the Gateway: Why Schedule Management and Madison Management Shade Management is important to increase the cost of farming to increase the weight of goat and their children to reduce medical costs to keep goats healthy. Shade management includes cleaning, feeding trays, water, goat care, children's care, pregnant goats care, goat care, breeding care etc. Middin's management: Animals in gut farming First of all, it is very important to have good management in order to save the disease.
The management of medicine and medicine management is the original gutting of medicine, giving medication, stomach insect and skin worm erosion. It can be very easy to hear both points, but when it comes practically, it comes to sweating teeth. Direct guidance or consultation: If too much information is available and is filled with them. By which to understand that I will do it in gut farming. So you're in error. Being knowledgeable and experienced is both separate.

Success is sure if knowledge and experience are found. So if they invest two million to five lakhs to start the farm and they are drowned because of the indigenous reason, it is very foolish and nobody else. If one percent of this investment is spent on consultancy, that investment can turn into profits. So you need a man who is with you in solving your problems.

You have to take consultancy for just one year. The other year you will not be able to hurt gutaging. Because after one year you will get all the information and experience about gutting. Some people might be able to guide you on your farm. Benefit from the service for one year by paying a consultation fee to the servant you feel appropriate. If you have made a mistake of not taking the guidance and rely on yourself then the farm will end before it runs.

So whenever the Gateway Forms A Side Business has become a program of business, after financing the investment, first manage a consultant and complete consultation with it. If you are notified by this post, Must express

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