Milking Animals Care
It has been seen to be effective. We feed our common farm animals in a traditional way. And keep the animal tied with a peanut. Keep away from the skin. Sankh Vada Green Chara Sialaj Mineral etc. The animals feed the animals in a large quantity of food. And animals do not get balanced food from them. And the animal is weak in the day. It reduces the amount of animal milk. The animals do not come to the heat on time. The other one increases the duration of the period. This also causes loss of both animal and farmer.
If we make an animal feed chart in a simple way, then we give 10 percent of the animal weight to the animal. If there is a 500kg of animal, it needs a 5-kilogram animal daily, and the rest of the window is Give the third part of the milk. If you have 3kg of milk then give 1 kilograms of milk. Also, if the animal does not give milk, feed it essentially 2kg. The breastfeeding animal with the third part of the milk adds 2 kg as well. Put the mixture. The rich mixture is 100 to 150 grams daily. The supply of sufficient water is at the right time with the animal. When it needs water, it can be used.
是 When the animal gives a baby, the first two to 6 weeks of this animal requires animals more energy and protein. In these days an estimated 1790kg calories are needed, and protein is needed up to 18%. Choose a balanced diet and window. There is a wide amount of energy and protein. Our animals can consume energy and protein and restore their health and energy.
The animal feeds maximum milk for 6 to 8 weeks. It is important to give the animal a good diet after giving a baby. The animals do not eat food in the evening. But animals use the energy that is stored inside the animals. It has been observed that after giving a baby, the animal begins to eradicate it. For a month, it is reduced to the amount of animal deficiency. This is why it is given more energy and protein food. Animals can meet the needs of their energy and protein. By giving more energy-giving, the animal will get its 40 to 60 percent of the energy venda. And the remaining need The whole ayylj or bait.
Animal feeding more and more in 10 to 20 weeks. However, its milk decreases. At present 1630 calories and energy to 16 to 18% protein are needed.
During 20 to 22 weeks, the animal starts to slowly reduce the weight loss during the initial period. During this time animals often regret again. The amount of milk decreased from 22 to 44 weeks. Because the baby is packing inside the animal. The weight of the bloom increases. During this time the animal needs less energy from 1430 to 1630 calories, and energy is needed. And the protein is up to 16 to 18%.
 Feeding diet meter is very important.And measuring 3% of metabolism meter is required by physical weight. Complete 2 percent of this and one percent of Vada. If there is a 500kg of animal, then 50 kg There is a need for it.And this 3% drive meter is required. Therefore 500 kilograms of animals are a 15-kilometer drive meter.
Provide food to the animal for a whole year. The balanced diet is such a diet. All the items of the animal are essential, and the animal's weight is milk-in-the-art. Vitamin minerals in balanced food Vitamins minerals protein energy amino Acidpani etc.
20% of the food that we eat.% 20 of it produces milk .20% of the animal's body is kept healthy .5% is exhausted by urine .30% is removed from the poultry. 20% of animals Maintains the thermometer. And 5 percent of the gas is eliminated.
The protein energy carbohydrate mineral salts are already present inside it. Apart from this, which we feed for animals. There are many things in it also. But their quantities are available. It is less. Since animals do not maintain their health.
Take time to take care of the fact that if the animal has a daily loss of 50 rupees, do not take 50 kilograms of same time. Add it to 4 pieces in a row and do not always save more than 5% of the curd. .When you see that the animal has eaten food and is resting it, and it has 5% of its dough. So put it and the moon and mix it in the kidneys. Do not give milk before putting them.
In this way, we can feed our animals in an easy and simple way. Now, you can give a dairy form a profitable business.

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