How to grow milk of buffalo: -

Animal feeding depends on the production of adequately in Gaza needs and feeding the animals according to its needs.
Additionally, only three things, including feed and food, increase the production of animal milk. These three things have been proven by opening some animals for some time.

Sonf aniseed
March / Cheater / asparagus sparagus
Goldsmith / ginger dried ginger

Saffron 1 kg
Shepherd / March 1 kg
Golden half

Grind these three things into powder and put 50 to 75 grams on the morning in the morning evening, and feed the animal. In some cases, milk production will appear significantly.

Sonf: -
With the presence of iron% 31, Copper% 78.6, Magnesium 70.6%, Calcium% 30.4 and Phosphorus% 14.4, accelerate the production of Sonf's animal metabolism, keeping the system right, Hunger increases, stomach pain and gas, prevent disease spreading bacteria, strengthens nervous system, increases blood in red blood, as well as the ability to produce an animal's child. It often produces the ability to produce a baby.

Marcho, Cheetore: -
With the presence of 92.37% of Vitamins, Vitamins B 9% 50.37, Copper% 56.16, Vitamins B1% 17.12 and Iron% 15.10, Improvement of Memorial Gland Function, bring on heat, It is very important to eliminate weakness, improve child-borne system, increase energy efficiency, generate energy in the body, save the hormones system from falling from pregnancy and protecting bone diseases.

Sonam / Sakka Ginger: -
The amount of carbohydrate is 86.17%, protein% 57.3, sodium% 14 iron% 15.1, vitamin C% 7.7, potassium% 33, plus magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin B6. The sight is present in something that causes animal feeding to grow and food is well digested, as well as sauded protein etc. have also contributed to making body parts.
The effect of all these things seems to be in a better way when animals' dormitories remain on time and focus on their festivals and windows.

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