Goat and Sheep Feedlot Fattening
As it is known in Pakistan, everyone knows that Passover is sacrificed especially in the sixth century. And these sacrifices are given a good standard and balanced diet of different kinds of foods. From which they become fat. The majority of the people involved in Bakkar or Umbrella business. Those people are attached to this work. They say we feed fatty or fatty food in 3 months, weigh weight 50 times the present weight The quality of this meat is also very good and better. And it benefits greatly. And they say that we have 6 to 12 months of animals for this purpose. Because of the amount of these nucleus, it is better and faster than the rest of the animal. It is necessary to keep some things in mind when purchasing it. It is not more than 6 to 12 months of animals. Our quality will not be met. The diet period for refining is not more than 3 months. If you need more time, keep them in normal food or pastime. And when they are living for three to four months after selling them Start the food. Butterfly in the barks .Chop the choice of kajali or iron seed for sixths, because their weight also increases. And their buyers too Are.
In addition, if we buy any animal, then keep its beauty in proper mind. The size of it is large. It is bigger. The legs are straight. And the animals are seen to see it. Because the animal is to sell a sacrifice And the beauty of these three things is seen more. So take special care of this thought.
And be aware that their habitat is good at low cost. Fried rust hoseide should be fence instead of the wall, the height of the earth is high and it is less loose, so that the water of the rain can not be kept inside. Be special arrangement for animal protection.
Always buy and sell physical weight. When you buy a beast by purchasing the animal, keep it separately from others. And complete the course of spray and craving tissue and mix it with other animals. After bringing it, feed it on the stomach's insects. So that whatever they eat, they will benefit from it, and their goodness is good. In a vessel and a purely fresh water in a pot is more likely to be before them.
There are separate boxes of Baku and Umra.
The intake of intracacular vaccine infections can add ETV small to 1 cc and large 2 cc vermillionmonia small 1/2 cc and large to 1 cc. Take it essential.
Some people take out the window to suck out of the market. And some brothers themselves prepare themselves. In general they are usually openly open, open Tulia Chakkargamnam, Khosa corn Shera Rose wheat hunger, mineral michachorur bon phosphate.
The intake of the animal to reduce the fat is slowly and slowly in the beginning. And in the beginning, the quantity of hunger in the beginning is more and more after reducing the amount of hunger and increasing the amount of vada. It is good to feel asleep.
These animals are very early in the morning. And there is a lot of disorders too. Always beard oil in the form of syrus oil, sweet soda penny shoe alcoholic beads, and stomach powder and should be present.
Serpse and turpin oil for 20 acre of wheat and 1/2 kilograms of milk. Feed it with sweet soda powder and feed it in semi-hot water. And in stomach plywood Mix and add 2 or 3 times a day. Feed the liquor in the hot water.
Measured salt is much better. And the normal salt which is homemade homemade is also fine. Drink daily water by mixing 10kg of water in a single kilogram. Its animals get very energy.
All the brothers consider the fact that all the above information has been taken from Theorelly and the friends that they are doing. This is not my primary practical experience.
And if any of these material is incorrectly written, then the Directors should guide the committees. This may be the case for maximum formats.

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