Dairy farming problems and disorders in Pakistan

Milk is a complete diet. It contains all the components of human body's needs in a fair amount. Pakistan is ranked fifth in the world of milk-producing countries, but despite the use of milk per capita here is less than the global healthcare recommendation. The main reason for this is the low cost of milk in the country, which is essential for solving them while looking for the main reasons.
There are very good breeds of milk-feeding animals in Pakistan, but these breeds are destroying due to bad breeding policy. Most of the farmers are prepared to keep the animal with the bull of any race. At such a time, it is not considered that what is the base of the base and what is its production capacity? On the other hand, proportionate success of artificial race in Pakistan is very low. Its main reason is not to make the technician specializing in its work, as a result of which material production is not properly protected. That is why our farmers use traditional methods, except for artificial genocide.
Staff should be fully trained to solve this problem. Apart from this, it is necessary to save our Desi Breeds that they should not be matched with any other generation of animals.
There is little attention to the beds at the farm level in Pakistan, which does not meet the needs of their wounds and the growth rate of kidney growth decreases. In addition to the life of such animals, the production capacity of milk also decreases. According to a latest report, there is a financial loss of about Rs 9 billion every year. If we take bulls and cow bulls in a scientific way, a calf may be more. Its way is to feed the animals according to their physical weight and to be fully paid attention to other animals on the goats.
Food is not considered in Pakistan. Feeding a lot of farmers Vida only means to open open, which is completely wrong. What is given to livestock is often not accurate in quantity and quality. Such food nutrients are quite low, while in the present period animals have more than seven percent energy and more than fifty percent of the wounds are lost. To solve this problem, hybrid seed is imported or produced within the country. Additionally, feeding cattle and nutritious crops in the diet can also improve the situation. According to experts, it is important to meet the food needs of the animals that according to the climate of an area, the intake of whole year will be introduced, while reducing nutritional deficiency can also be done by making cholera or sauce and charus.
Dairy farming in Pakistan can not be commercialized, due to which it usually works as low-income people. In the rural areas, majority of livestock have kept 3 to 4 animals. Apart from this, most of our peers are studying, which is unable to adopt modernized methods of feeding. It is important to overcome the problem that special attention should be given to the help of small farmers while making any policy and should be trained through practical exercises and training. Experts say that if dairy farming in India is ranked in the industry and that research in this sector is brought to farmers, significant improvement in dairy farming can be brought. In our country debt rates are lower than interest rates dairy.
There is a high rate of pediatric illness in Pakistan, while some of them cause animal deaths and some reduce their production. Due to such diseases, treatment costs and milk deficiency cause loss of livestock to cattle poultry. The way to prevent this is to protect the livestock programs for livestock and to eliminate internal and external activities.
Nowadays, cattle poultrys do not get the desired profits from the milk, but the maximum profit goes to those who sell milk at the retail level. The shopkeepers buy milk from a farmer of Rs 60 per liter and sell 70 to 80 rupees per liter, resulting in a loss of profit from the livestock payers. To solve such problems, a price of milk should be set for the entire year and the traditional system of milk-selling is removed. Apart from this, to improve the economic condition of cattle plants, the level of union-leveling of the union councils should be established and the fishermen should be given cash-by-side milk.
Apart from all these problems, there is also a need for expansion facilities for profitable dairy farming, which can be crafted by modern pets in modern ways. Unfortunately, there is a lack of facilities in our country, which leads to research on the dairy. It is important to cope with the situation that attractive fishermen to attract more milk through the media. In addition, information about animal diseases and protective vaccines can also be delivered by the TV and radio through the livestock pool.

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