Calf care

The bull farm is very important for the success of the farm because it is the best salute of old animals for future milk or meat production. And there are future assets for owners. With proper care of the calf you can get big financial benefits. Keeping the beds, keeping the beds in the development of any form is a spinal cord. Take good cement for good bulls for this.

1. The newly generated bull should be tied up with a mother's body around 3 inches and then it should be cut off with a sharp tool (such as blade etc.). After cutting, the tanker should be planted so that no wound is taken. Use dwol or any anti-sapphire solution if noodine is available.

2. Let the bull mother lick it if it is not possible, then carefully clean the bull clean and soft clothes. Especially nose, ear, and eyes should be well cleaned. The bamboo should be kept warm and clean place separately from other animals.

3. For the health of the bull, it is necessary that it should feed the mother's carrot milk "lubricant" for three days, if it is difficult to breastfeed your mother in the beginning, help her. Remember, lubricate it within 5 hours of the birth of the bull, it is important for the calf's health. In the 24 hours of birth, feed the bull at least three times a day and drink it as much as if you want to drink.And if you are able to apply the bull to 3 cc vitamins ADE.

4. When the bull is 3 days, water should be kept in a vessel next to it. Puppers should be breastfeeded for about 7 days equal to 10% of their weight. Feeder bottles or buckets can be used to breastfeed. The vessel should be properly cleaned, the use of dirty vessels can lead to illness. The second reason for this is that after the milking, the bull should be given milk to the mother. After 7 days, a protein feed containing a protein protein should be put in 1 pot in a vessel. Keep in mind the baby feed or window addiction It does not happen. Therefore, its nuts and mouth should be hand-held in hand. In some places the bulls are also added to 4 CC iron injections after 7 days.

From 5.7 days to 15 days, they should feed their maternal equivalent equal to 15 per cent of their weight for 15 days to 1 month, and they should start hay hayorsubes of low-cost lousers and brains. Put the grass in a vessel instead of place it on the ground or tie it with a polymer .15 days after it should be dormanted by the bandandazol.And if you feel the skin on the bull skin and you feel that it is a mustard seed If it has been done, it should have 2 CciI Macs injection evening cooling. Should be specially arranged for a bull cleaning. And the grass should be left in the bamboo cabin. Could get it

6. Dry grass, hungry and granular food should be kept on the green grass, and the quantity of milk should be slowly reduced. Also, a small amount of food should include essential ingredients such as vitamin-rich perme and 24 hours of water should be provided. The bulls start drinking water from one to two weeks old. The hill salt should also be taken a little bit three times a day.

7. Approximately 8 to 10 weeks, they should be used to add grass and other food and milk should be stopped after that.

8. It is important to feed the lungs for stomach bugs every 3 months later, and vaccine vaccine should also be applied during the prescribed times of the year.

8. The calf should be arranged for heat and cold protection.

9. Better food and proper care will keep calf calm and be young soon.
10 With this weighing the first day of the calf should then be measured 7 days, 15 days, 1 month, 2 months, and then 4 months of weight weight. And after that every 3 months the child should measure weight and write on a book. Want to
11. To keep the record of the records easily, the tag number must be mandatory in its ears. His mother's and father's number and milk record should also be written in the book.

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