Abortion or abortion

Before the pregnancy is completed, the abortion of the child is called abortion or abortion. When the child could not have been able to survive, the child died. Economicly because of immoral pregnancy is very harmful
(1) the child is lost.
(2) complications are created in the womb.
(3) The cow stays in a non-productive condition for a long time or is sold.
(4) If the cause of abortion is bacterial, the remaining animals also come in danger. If the abortion rate is more than 2 to 5 percent, then be worried on this situation, it should try to overcome and overcome it. The germs and prototype causes of abortion

11 Trichomoniasis


Brucellosis 3


This disease spreads due to a Protozoan trichomonone fatus. In rhythm and buffalo, this disease transfers from the infected male. This germ leads to the following complications.

1. Not pregnancy

The animal is temporarily interrupted and takes more than three services to prevent pregnancy. The interval between two periods of summer increases from normal. There may be light inflammation of mercy, surrogation or vision

2. Early abortion

Usually pregnant animals get abortion after 15 days after 80 days.

3. Puppy in pity

Due to the diarrhea of ​​death and blossom, pepper is pepper in many affected animals. This pepper is like water but light yellow. This pap is usually included pieces of pieces and pots. The paperboard of this paperboard is sent to the germs.

Symptoms of this disease are generally not visible in men. The victim may suffer from an infected penis. There is no vaccine for the delivery of this disease. You can use artificial breeding instead of naturally mixed with bull or sand for procurement. The treatment of animals in this disease is done by providing animals with sexual rest. Should be pepper or cures parmicitis, should be treated accordingly. Sexual relaxation usually eliminates trachemonosis in animals after 3 months. The treatment of male animals is 0.25% acrophyon anesthesia used on penis and theses.


This disease spreads due to a vibrio fetus. This disease transfers from males during the time of mulberry or synthetic breeding. in this

* Temporarily breaks and substances take many services to be pregnant.

* Starting days of pregnancy are lost and occasionally abortion occurs during months of the month or above.

* The substance of the animal is due to the psychiatric inflammation and the pepper mixed with the mercury.

The use of naturally exhausted and artificial genocide for treatment is included. Anti-biotech should be used regularly in substance production. Do it according to the symptoms of the affected cow or the buffalo. For adolescents, streptopenicillin can be inserted into adolescence.


This disease is caused by a lamentation in a body of Brucella abortus. This disease is found in Pakistan, lions, goats and goats. The disease of this disease involves abortion caused by abortion animals. When this fluid becomes involved in animal feed or water, the disease enters into the body. In addition, this disease can be transmitted through eye-visual and artificial genocide from affected substances.

In this illness, an abortion occurs during the last three months of pregnancy. It is very important for the treatment of hygiene and hygiene principles to prevent this disease. Since this disease can transfere with a human being, it is necessary to take care of the disease-affected animal very carefully. Age of animals can be considered vaccine.

Non-genetic causes of abortion

1. Very fierce animals.

2. Frozen food (hunger, vitamin A and a decrease of audiences)

3. Be careful not to take care of animals in the last months of pregnancy, such as fighting animals or falling down. Traveling on a truck or train, Kirawat was traveling.

Procurement or prevention of abortion

1. If the cause of abortion is bruerloys, such an animal should be kept separately from the rest of the animal so that its exhaustive material does not get involved in other animals or water. Such animals should be removed from the street.

2. In the case of a varicos or triangular acne, animals should cultivate an artificial race from the seed of a good institution.

3. Pregnant animal food and care should be kept in mind, especially in the last months of pregnancy, they should have a comfortable environment and focus on separating the remaining animals.

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