Balanced diet

Balance diet means that there is a combination of all the nutrients (i.e., metals, carbohydrates, greens, salts, and animals) that are needed for all animal needs, growth, efficiency, (milk or work) and breeding The ability to maintain. These nutritional requirements can be completed in different situations and also from Venda. If cheaper than cheap, maximum nutritional needs can be met from Vida. However, it should be so much that the animal can fill the stomach. In our country, farmers often feed the same type of animals in the season, which are sometimes more and less than the animal's nutritional needs.

Animals or vegetables (green or dry) are opened. All of these alone ingredients are in a balanced diet. Can not Provide Therefore, mixture must be played in the form of a mixture and feed it. When making such a mixture or a veda, it should be noted that the maximum cost of food is available at a lower cost.

The easiest way to make balanced food is that a mixture should be prepared according to the needs of the animal. When preparing a mixture, select the ingredients that can be easily accessible. Apart from this, when commodity inflation is seasoned, they can be stored so that the nucleus can be given to food. Especially at the time when charts are short.

Animals like humans are also given food for the following purposes:

1. Body development and upbringing

2. Standard production (working capacity, milk production etc.)

3. To maintain breeding capacity

Milk animal feed is very different from ordinary cattle. Milk cattle feeding needs depend on its size, milk production and percentage of milk fat. Besides feeding such animals, in addition to their physical needs of animals, it should be kept in mind that nutritional needs should be taken to meet the milk production and pregnancy of pregnant animals. If the animals are given equal food, then those who give less milk. Will eat more than your needs and more milk-less animals than their needs, if more milk-feeding animals get less than desired food needs, their health and production capabilities will be affected effectively. Not only does the owner damage financial loss, but it also has the potential to give the next milk milk and the weight and health of the calf. This way indirectly, every year is worth loss of millions of rupees. This is the addition of which is caused by a number of thousands of diseases, due to lack of food for thousands of animals.

Essential ingredients

First of all, it is important to know that the animal's body parts are composed of or in combination with milk ingredients so that they can be given in all the ingredients as much as possible in their diet. Requirements and performance are especially essential for the production of milk.

Now we will explain the ingredients of food that will be given in the diet

The things which human and human life are obliged to do is the first water after the air. Water digestion, bodybuilding body, bodybuilding body, bodybuilding body, bodybuilding body, bodybuilding body, bodybuilding, bodybuilding, bodybuilding, bodybuilding, The nature, weather and food of the work are very important. Apart from this, a large quantity of water from the animal vagina extends through daily drowsiness, urine and sweat etc. There is also a need for water to meet this deficit. Well water should be given as much as possible but experiments have proved that the average weight of a cow (weighing 190kg - 400 pounds) is about 45 liters (almost 3 bicycles) in summer and 15 liters (about one bucket) in the summer. Is required

2. Carbohydrates of starched ingredients

This component consists of carbon hydrogen and oxygen. All carbohydrates get from the plants. Most of the animal foods contain detergent ingredients. The body is the source of moving it into force or strength. The nutritious ingredients are gourmet, which are millet, corn, rice, and wheat etc. Apart from different types of sugar, these types of ingredients are found in fiber. In cow fungus, digestive components in this citrus component (ovary) digestive into different ingredients, which are able to become component component.

3. Warm or protein

Warming is a specialty in the food of the beast. They help in becoming flesh and milk and provide sufficient strength. Their quantity is important in the diet and feeding of the animal feeding. Reduction of the skin causes physical development. These are also important in the development and sustainability of the ingredient. The intake of retention of the body is very important. In its absence, the animal can not be able to carry out all its abilities despite being a good generation. The milk-giving animal needs more of the digestion than dry animals, because most of the ingredient ingredients in milk keep expiring daily. If this deficiency is not met by food, for some time the animal completes this shortage from its physical deposits (meat etc.), but after some shortage of physical deposits, animal health begins and The amount of milk also decreases. In quantity of animals, these ingredients vary depending on the age, work and production of animals. The progeny of the animal is up to 15 to 20 percent. Disease of these ingredients in Milk-e-animal food is met with most acne, fatigue, shell, open, dry blood and other spicy crops.

4. Greasy or greasy ingredients

Charity, cereals and olive seeds contain fat or grease. Their quantity is the highest in the lowest cereal and most of the seeds of citrus seeds. Common sources of lubrication of cowhouses are seeds and oil seeds. For example, open bundle, open towel, open peanut etc. Alcohol such as carbohydrate are also made of only 3 different carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Like carbohydrates, also provide animals with strength and heat, and their amounts of fat are stored in body fat. Than the carbohydrates, there is more than twice the amount of fat in the grease or aids to produce strength and heat. Because where animals have to pay a lot of carbohydrates, then the same work can be done in a small amount of grease.

5. Mineral Components

Animals require minerals for daily production to fulfill their structure. If the minerals are not available accordingly, the structure either weak or its development is not regular. The value of these salts in milking animals is more because of the amount of lime, phosphorus and other salts in milk secretion. Pregnant animals require samples to develop the child. The main ingredients in food are calcium (lime) phosphorus, salt edible, potassium, sulfur and magnesium. In addition to these samples, there are some ingredients that are bitter in the diet, but it is very important from the healthcare perspective. The main iron in the minerals is iron, iodine, copper, cobalt, magnesium And etc. Our farmer brothers know that apart from making taste of common salt animals, it is also helpful in digestion. Acne drain which is essential to digest food. Salt edema plays an important role. Apart from its decrease in food due to lack of milk production, animals' weight also decreases. The easiest way to provide salt in animal food is that the salvaged salt is 4.45 grams (one pound) mixed with each 45.45 kg (100 pounds) well. Apart from this, the second method is mentioned in our country that animals are kept in large quantities of salt in the fields of the animals so that the animals remain indefinite. It is important to give at least 60 (one holiday) salt food for a milk or a buffalo.
The lion is very important for the bone strength in the body. Apart from this, milk is very calm. It is very important for the cow buffalo to reach the proper amount of lime to meet this deficit. Pregnant animals also have the fear of lime deficiency. Because they require more lime for child development. If there is sufficient quantity of green food or spicy crops available in the diet, their lime does not require more lime but in areas where lime deficiency in the earth or the days of charity Loss is required in these animal foods (Vida). Phosphorus in the animal body requires the use of bones and toothbrush, carbohydrates and fatigue in body and keep physical functions accurate. The decrease in phosphorus in the food reduces the production of milk. Milk also contains special amounts of phosphorus daily. Which is to be met. As per the lack of calcium in the diet, lime is required in the animal commodity mixture (Vida). For this purpose, lemon grains, bone starch etc., can be beneficial for food.

Chakkara (Pharmacies) Phosphorus is found in multiple quantities in Banulah and Alsi. However, by completing the bone bone in order to meet the physical deficit of phosphorus, it can be catalysted.

6. Haiti

They help prevent diseases in animals. These are usually quite green in the greenhouse. And keeping the needs of animals. Results can be dangerous if the quantity of the diet is not available.

Only dieting animals should be provided Vitamin A and Vitamin D. Usually these animals have no deficiency. Because animals are getting a good variety of green foods and they are left for a while to go to the sun in a open pastime. Because of the sunshine process, the proteins produce sufficient amounts (D). Cow milk is found in the form of carotne. Due to this, the color of milk is yellow. However, in the milk of a buffalo, Hayatine A is found in its original condition. Whitening animals need hayat al al. It should be done through food. Having a small animal, especially in the lungs of food, it is very important to present the Haiti A, because without its physical development it stops and it reduces immunity against the diseases. The continuous decline of Haiti A does not produce very good substance in animals, and thus has the effect of their genocide. Pregnant animals also need more Hayat al-A's in the last days of their pregnancy. In this way animals are stored in their body. In addition to the need of calf health and healthy birth, it is necessary to save them from various diseases, such as white poultry, at the beginning age.

Variety of green grass, yellow corn, etc. are very important in providing food to animal feed. Haiti helps digestive lime and phosphorus by making it a component body. Due to lack of it, animals develop nausea, resulting in their growth, and bones become stiff after weakening. Cow, the bacteria of various bacteria, Vitamin B, become sufficiently enough to satisfy all the physical needs of animals. Though cow and buffalo also require Vitamin C, however, experiments have shown that these animals occur in the animal body. Similarly, Vitamin E must also be in vomiting of the animal. Due to lack of it, animals may have become a loneliness. Haiti is divided into two parts for water and oil ingredients:

(A) Water-solved animals

Vitamin B is a very popular type of biography B, B1 and B2. Today, all these alphabets are made in synthetic chemical modes and are suitable for their ingredients different names, such as Thiamin, Ribofalvin etc.

Healthy ingredients are solved
Vitamin A
Vitamin d
Vitamin E

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