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Suspension hentai, sari

Masters or Sari English and some Desi Methods.
Bacteria: -
The main reason for the spread of this disease is some bacteria entering the stimulation path, important in which
Streptococcus, staphylococcus, klebsiellah, E coli
And more importantly, the use of anti-biotech drugs is inevitable to eliminate bacterial and treat sari. These antibiotics are mostly used in ceftofer, amoxicilin, ampicilin, gentamycin, penicilin etc..
Subtle or subclinical mastitis of unclear symptoms: -
The most important step of this stage is to drive in the pediatric acid, the most important step in the coming morning is the birth stage, and there is a lot of changes in the animal's cubes and the lime flower, because when the milk is stopped off. So the rescued milk begins to become absorbed in the vagina due to which breaks in cells / tissues begin in the udder and the pressure increases in the vagina, this chain runs for 10 to 15 days after the last quarter. At the most important time, the difficulties in the Memorial gulf and the lack of immunity are to attack bacterium more quickly. Provides new infections by providing supplements if anti-bacterial tubes are stressed and increase the strength of the animal, then the risk of mastitis reduces by 90% of these tubes, alcoholic drinks, Tatra delta tubes etc. are available in a wide range of markets.
Appearance or Symbols or clinical mastitis: -
Actually, this disease is treated with 3 things in front of it.
1. Bacteria Finish
2. To eliminate the effects of poisonous or corrupt matter caused by bacteria.
3. Exercise inflammation, swelling, vomiting and pain etc.
1. Prevent bacteria; -
The most basic and essential thing to treat sour is to eliminate and prevent bacterial infections, many antibiotics are used for the purpose of the proper, timely and accurate anti-biotech choice of sour treatment. The basic point is. Anti-biotech use is always used as a result of bacteria in milk by testing the milk with laboratory. Some important antibiotics are important for ceftiofur drugs such as exenel RTU, cefur.
Other antibiotics include gentamycin medicines, such as gentafer, genton, gentasel etc.
Important and more used in medicine
Farmox LA, Calmoxyl LA, getmox LA and amoxivet LA
Etc. are more important, the quantities of these animals are kept in view of the intensity of infection etc.
2. To eliminate the effects of spreading poison due to bacteria: -
The effects of bacteria appear in the shape of spots, sludge, and cracked milk in milk, which have clear symptoms of clinical sour, due to which there are changes in bacteria 'poisonous reactions, to eliminate the poisonous effects.
Trimethoprim + sulphadiazine
The use of the combination of useful proves useful tribensin, triself, trbactral, tryton, triben etc. for this purpose.
3. Flunixim meglumin medicines, which include loxin and fluen etc., are used to eliminate inflammation, vomiting, swelling and pain etc. due to infections.
Test Case: -
To further understand this process, there is a lot of inflammation in the form of a animal and squeezing etc. If it is also a disease, it will be treated like this.
Farmox La (to eliminate bacteria)
+ gentafer (to end the bacterial poison)
+ loxin (to eliminate inflammation, bleeding etc.)
Sometimes blood comes with blood with milk also due to lack of calcium sometimes, but if the blood comes due to blood, transamin injection is also used with other medicines.
Desi Treatment: -
1. Almonds 250 grams of milk in half liters and use the animal in the morning on the next day, process this process for 5 days continuously.
2. Beat well in red-colored pepper 250 grams 1 water and when it becomes cooked, add 1 pie cooking oil to 2 meals and use two cats in two days.
3. Desi Garlic 1 pie Milk 2 Litter White Zerah 100 grams Feed all these things for 5 days is also effective treatment of sour disease.
Answering the objection of many people on Desi Treatment: -
When oxygenation or easy-to-use words in bacterial oxygen are available in the lymph or simpler words, the amount of oxygen produced in the quantity of the oxygen or bacteria is low, the amount of bacterial fossil causes infections.
The presence of 88% in lime, 200% in red pepper, and 52% vitamin C in garlic increases the strength of naturally immune in animals, while the presence of natural antioxidants in these three things plays an important role in eliminating bacteria. Plays

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