Today I will do some things regarding artificial genocide with you.
As you all know today, the problem of every farmer is to produce more and more animals than animals. However, in America, Canada and other countries, this kind of desire is being fulfilled in Europe. I am not in Pakistan. There are many problems. If the animal is good, the food is not good, if the food is good, the animal's seed is not good. The more problem is not to be good animals, that is equal to them. Consider this, with the artificial bronze The acquisition of animals is skin and cheap. There is a lot of breeding in Bhenzhen in Pakistan. I am very good in the cow. Join the disease should it artificial insemination. Which can not only get good animals.Because these animals can also produce good production. Some of the people in Pakistan have some animals and some of the good animals of the Frieden Cross. But all the other people have animals. There is nothing to be known for the generation. For example, the animals of the animal race have no knowledge of them, keep the seminars of imported frozen. And rest of the Sahiwal seamol keep the cement. Putin is imported by Frozen. In this way, all our small farms are beneficial If there is a seminar of Sahiwal, then keep the seminars of Qadirabad and Eriquet service company as their There are pass Prayer bills. And if you are Fermain's Cement Renaissance, always choose the JJI (German Jenniferix International) semiconductor of Symx.Laghazi.Atalta and the Maximum Worldwide Cyrus.

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