Reasons for the failure of modern dairy farms

For the past 3-5 years, the trend of adopting dairy as a business has increased significantly. Several hundred people started a dairy farm business with modern-style designs, modern machinery and the best generations of animals. But 20% of them are not even a farmer who is now profitable business.
The fact is that Dairy's business has been greatly affected for the past three years. But the purpose of doing such a thing is not to disappoint a new farmer (Farmer). Rather, it is important to tell one of the reasons why modern dairy forms are failing.
The reasons below are the reasons for new forms failure.
Reason No. 1 Starting a dairy farm of unhealthy and educated people.
Such people are divided into four groups who started modern dairy farming.
The first group is those who are locals and are suddenly rich (as did) and they have enough money.
The second group is the Overseas (overseas) who has a hard earned money.
The third group is of software engineers who earned enough money from their jobs and they want to return to their forefront.
The fourth group is middle class middle school educated people
People of these four groups have no experience of dairy work (some have no cow / buffalo ever touched). All of this wanted to adapt to the modern design and modern technology from Dare's goals. But there is no benefit (some do not even know the difference between cow and bull)
Reason # 2: The trend towards people's dairy farming is due to money. (Some people think this work is very easy). As the name (dairy farming) shows that "dairy farming" is a form of farming and farming is not a business (if purely seen)
Dairy farming is not really business but madness.
Basically new dairy farms failed to understand that they are connecting their relationship with a live animal, not a machine. There is a lot of knowledge and patience for dairy farming. Many unsuccessful dairy forms started with people who had high-definition degrees and education. Most of them had built a castle in their thoughts. They used Excel Sheets and Project Management principles on their own form. If seen, apparently there is no evil but the use of these tools is not enough. There were many princes who thought that 365 days a day of a buffalo year
Gives milk
Reason No. 3: Big Bang Formula, many high-tech forms adopted a bug bang formula. They built large sheds and bought a large number of animals. When you are new to this field and if you have a huge form of animals, then it is very difficult to manage its arrangements. The increase in the number of animals is generally used to keep the amount of milk (not less or less). Some forms made a huge mistake that they also planted the best type of processing plant on their forms when the milk production was still not started on their farm.
Reason # 4: Do not be aware of being nervous to give birth to the animals. Many new farms just believe that animals are only milked, many of them do not know that the animal should cross again within three to five months of birth. There are also many pharmacies who do not know what signs are to come to the animal's hat. Bread Farmers are there whose dozens are animals on the farm. They do not have to be bulls for crossing or detecting heat. Hours occasionally do not trust the artificial race or use the heat cycle because of not being used correctly. Then after some time when they feel their fault, the animal has got milk for nine months.
If you have 50 animals and most of them have not crossed yet and have also given milk for eight months, it means that you will feed your five hundred and fifty animals for next 10 months. You will have a lot of damage. So always take care of coming to your animals' heat and cross them as soon as they are in the heat-hat. Doing so can protect you from a huge loss.
Reason No. 5: Do not take care of the calf and especially the calf is also a cause for the failure of new arrivals. Many such creams have made a lot of damage due to their calf's proper care. The well-being of the bulls is a sign of a successful farmer, because these babies benefit the future in the future. I saw only twenty thirty pieces / kats on the form of milk packaging. The rest of the children died dead due to proper care. It is not a short time or a year's loss, but when two or a few years after your animal is not able to give old / weak or milk, then you have to buy more new animals to keep the milk production on your farm. Which requires more investment. A successful dairy farmer can tell you about the importance of flavors / kittens because he knows that the same flaws and bats will be milked within three to four years.
Reason No. 6: It is very important for failure reasons. Do not manipulate food (window, minerals etc.) and rice (greenhouse, such as brass, corn, alpha alpha, fold, maize etc.) properly.
Give a lot to the new Dairy Farmers to give good food and charity to their animals. But as soon as five months later the milk production starts to decrease, new farms also reduce food and charts, which cause further damage. Animals grow weak and milk production is more affected. Some people do so much by doing so.
The animal should be given food and charity according to its physical weight and milk production. After the milk is dried, you can reduce its diet, but it is also so that its physical needs are not affected. And if it is the purpose of reducing it, then one should not eat less food and charity. Make a little bit less everyday.
A tilth and dose reduction cause harmful effects on animals' health, which also affect the ability of its reproodeto (re-penetration).
Reason number 7: complete auto system failure and labor issues. Many new Dairy Farmers want to make their forms complete automation that is very difficult.
Transferring the machinery every single buffalo, which is done with a double hand, produces many problems. To do this requires a lot of time and patience. When such formers do not find the rusts according to their wish, they lose their milk-matched machines in a hurry or sell at a very low price, which damage them. But there are many formats on which these experiences are successful. The labor blackmail problem also plays a key role in the failure of the new forums. When labor nights are overnight, your farm system remains confused, so keep your labor always happy and take care of their needs.
Reason No. 8: Another reason to fail is to "have an expert on the other". Beef people have money to start dairy farm but they do not have enough knowledge and they do not even spend their time on the dairy farm, employ others on the care of the farm. Which causes a lot of harm. Because the dairy farm needs the attention of the owner, forty hours of the day, seven days a week, and twelve months of the year. Other people can not do anything for them, even if they want them to do so. If you can not make your form time (at least until the farm falls in a flu, that is a rotten set), I suggest you do not start dairy farming at all.
Reason 9: An easy way to leave.
As it has been said that the new فارمرز has enough money and they can do some damage and go back to their work, so that whenever they face dairy farm management or any other kind of problem Turn off and return to your profession.
Even so, everything is fine, but the most frustrating thing is that they say badly to dairy farming that it does not benefit and disappoint others. Even frustration is that the best-born animals sell kezi graves to be a pudding.
If such people do not invest so much that they can leave it out of the ground after an experience fails, they will continue to do their job and gradually change the failed dairy form into successful dairy form.
To do this, you have complete faith in yourself and also have the perfect faith in Allah, so that when you fail to succeed in some place, do not hesitate to take your step, and bear patience with them and learn from this experience. Go ahead. This is the sign of a successful dairy farm.
Get Written:
The purpose of this analysis is not that the people who are thinking of starting this task should be scared of dairy farming and not to impart it is important that it is very difficult.
Its goal is to learn more from others' experiences, to start working well, which are described here, keeping them in mind, so that you have to face the least problems. Dairy farming is for those who love their madness. You need a lot of time and patience to succeed in Dairy Farming.

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