#Tip for all my newly farmers friends.

we dairy farmers alwais go for hosltein , jercy , fresian or cross breed.
Which are not realisable in our atmosphere and we maintain environment which cost about half of their total production and we still feel better. In such Condiction.
Totally difficult to maintain their body temperature.
If you live in aeria we're weather is above then 40"f
So you must go for local breeds. And use your local resources. Becz

Our local breeds are important.
Becz these are Duel purpse breeds.
Male are good in beef and females in milk production.

* low managemental cost.
* long milking yields.
* less calving interval.
*immunity against viral and bacterial attacks.
* LEss treatment cost.
*can have up to 10 plus offsprings in her life time.
* active and sharp animals.
* many more Qualities.
* cost efficient. Affordable etc.

But only we have to find pure breeds and maintain their same blood line. Or don't go for more cross then 50%.

My observation what I have learnt from my personal experiences of few years at my farm experienced on many animals.

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