Red Water, Bovine Babesiosis, Tick Fever
Blood pressure

Red water or blood circulation is a very dangerous and anxious type of disease, if the treatment and procurement is not done immediately, the discomfort of the animal ends with its death.
This disease occurs due to babesia divergens bacteria and blood-sucking squeezes and lions cause this disease. When a infected bunch / screw cuts the animal, it immediately becomes injected into bacterial blood and immediately starts showing its effect, breaking blood in red blood cells. The process of looting starts, which causes the animal to become weak because of the obstacle to blood supply in the animal. Blood reduces oxygen reduction and start removing kidney haemoglobin. The urine extract of the affected animal changes from black to yellow to red and red to black. The animal liver leaves working.

Symptoms: -
At the beginning, symptoms of this disease appear to be very low but this disease can kill the animal quickly. If there is a doubt about Red Water in the animal, it is necessary to contact the doctor immediately because of immediate and timely treatment, it is possible to control the disease. In the beginning signs animals are isolated from other animals. Hunger is reduced or over. It's empty to the bottom of the coil. Excessive fever (104). Red, bronze, or colored colored urine and early diagnosis are the early signs of this disease.
After 36 hours and most of the last signs are weakening, fierce, standing, changing the face of the skin. Finishing the skin shine. Poon of mucus membrain in the mouth, ultimately to be urine in normal urine.
Due to the severity of this disease, the animal becomes very aggressive because the brain disappears due to lack of oxygen supply.

The biggest precaution to avoid this disease is to protect your farm and shed from all types of insects, jaws and squares. It is important to vaccinate medicines for timely rescue and insects from the insects.

The purpose of this post is to minimize the losses of precious animals by promoting the most commonly known insects and insertion of insects.

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