Flower ghost

* The color of the language becomes light blue
* Breath breathes
* Mouth and nose water flow like water
* The animal feedes less
The beast becomes lazy
* Throat can also be tired
* Animal extracts out of excess language
* The throat sounds awful


* Vaccinate in the fifth / sixth month
Vaccinate in the ninth / ninth month
* In the case of fever, let water flow on the animal's head
* Do not feed animal-protected beans to another animal
* Breast the liver or limestone on the animal's habitat
* Separate the sick animal from other animals
* Drink water in a sufficient amount

This diabetic usually seems to have less animals due to lack of diagnosis, and it does not take time to cure animals.


* Small red pepper one powder (bend it)
Eat green chili half
Put both the ingredients in one kilograms of water and when the pepper gets roasted, coat it after separating the pepper and make it dry, give one meal immediately after the second dose after ten minutes, which is left with water, with the help of a lot of fat or pipe. Give half

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