Sahiwal Breeding Guy in India came first in the highest milking animals, live stock department
Faisalabad. (UrduPoint Newspaper, April 25, 2017) In all the generations of cowboys in Pakistan, cow cow cow has the first number of milk-packed petrochemicals, while the cow is not only able to provide more than 28kg of milk in 24 hours. This Red Gold Guy has proved to be the best of beauty than the world.
Sources of Investigative Center for Sahiwal Breeding Guy said that the live stock sector has a major role in the rural development and economy, while further efforts are being taken to enhance and promote cow's livestock at government level. Therefore we also need to have our animals of Sahiwal Breed Work on priority basis to introduce worldwide.
Geographically, Pakistan has a dominant status in the cow's race, while the Sahiwal Guy's generation has been found in the Punjab districts, the most pet-friendly animal in the country, which is in other districts in Jang. The competition is found in multiple numbers.

He said that the RCCS officials have been instructed to arrange workshops with the help of DLO in order to guide the breeder in the district, which provides useful advice to animal owners of Sahiwal Breeds. He advised that he should contact the Department of Livestock and Dairy Development for the development of Sahiwal Breed.

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