Gujjar Mallang
26 April at 09:55
I posted a feed formula in ShahMukhi without realising that some of my Sikh fellows can't read ShahMukhi. However, was asked to translate it, so here it is.

1; Rice (broken) (Chawal Tota) 20KG
2; Barley/Wheat (Jo/Kanak) 40KG
3; Corn (Makkai) 40KG
4; Black Peas (Kala Cholla) 5KG
5; Jaggery (Girth) 5KG
6; Jamba Seeds (Taramira) 10KG
7; Iodine Salt (Namak) 3KG
8; Cotton Cake (Khal Banola) 40KG
9; Fennel Seeds (Sonf) 1KG

Coarse grind all items (grade four is best) then mix Fennel seeds, Jaggery (beat Jaggery into small pieces) & Salt. Mix everything properly & store it in polythene bags.
Use this feed on daily basis. 2KG each time. It's full of compulsory nutrients. Boosts immune system & provides various sort of minerals & vitamins. Works as a power booster.
Never use market trash for your animals. Homemade feed is clean, healthy & natural without chemicals.

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