The sari
Presentations have been reported on this subject but many brothers have problems with their identification, so today there is a log of saro symptoms, reasons and carefully

* Sage and excitement is called saroo in Desi language, there are two types of sari an appearance and a secret!

Inappropriate cleaning
* Cleaning on the diamonds becomes sauce due to lack of management
* If the spider's hand is dirty, it may be a bit bitterness
* Breasting a child while breastfeeding can also transmit germs
* It is also possible to feed Mickacson's saeed
* Do not wash the animal after mice can also become a cause of sour
* It is also a wrong step to seize the animals after mice, germs move due to opening the warehouse.

Symbols of visible soup;
* Breasts in milk
* Warming
* At the time of mourning, due to animal pain kill legs
* Non-interest in animals
* To change the taste of the ward or to become salted and the smell of milk
* Sharing some part of the excitement
* Shrinking

Symbols of hidden soup;

* Become a peer in the eye
* Get out of the pipe material
* Reduce milk despite being visible to the animal

* Manage diamond cleaning
* Create a Haitian station where easy to wash hands before and after the gutter
* Pour the animal's baby before sucking
* Smoothly wash your baby before breastfeeding
Dust mixture in thirty semi-hot water
* Use finger fingers while keeping thumb out
* After twenty minutes, keep the animal intact that you can not sit or sit, or stay there and do not sit, the opening of the mouth of the mouth can lead to germs from the earth.
* Throw the animals where animals are tied, which will be protected from the animal's insect

Desi Cure; 1

A pie garlic
Hundred grams
Half kilograms of milk
Make them five cubits for five years, and their Shia Allah will be pleased

Desi Cure; 2

Half kilograms
Two spoon salt
Cut the lime in the evening and salt it in the morning and feed it. This process will take four yards for four days. Shall Allaah be pleased?

Separate animals with any kind of disease, including sari, separately from other animals and keep an eye on animal activity; Sometimes symptoms of many diseases are similar to the correct diagnosis right to the right treatment.

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