Some friends may be surprised because you only talk about native animals today. Post-service service is available on specific diseases related to the animals.
It is known as Titani, the disease mostly occurs in the Australian, Dutch, and American immigrants.
Pakistan's variable temperature and change make a major cause
This disease often takes place by eating external grass
Cycle is also a cause for this disease
Despicuous animal husbandry brothers do not have much to worry about this, for example, our generations have increased the system by keeping in this environment for centuries and our Desi Alasala is naturally full of natural minerals.

Tatneti / Tatyana;
Introduction, reasons, symptoms and precautions!

* Reduced magnesium due to unusual food in cold weather!
* It is less likely to reduce magnesium levels, which is in grass, seasoned crop, and it reduces magnesium.
* Potassium and nitrogen fertilizers are used in the crops which also reduce magnesium.
* Vegetables in the grass due to sugar or cooker are high due to which there is no digestion in food and essential minerals are lost in the shape of thin throat or injection.
* Magnesium is not well digestive in the absence of salts and potassium abundance, which can cause this disease.
* The deficiency of minerals and vitamins in food can also be the cause
* Depressed water and transport can also be a cause
* Reduction of salt and phosphorus can also be a cause

* Animal Anxiety!
* Be a furry animal!
* Various sounds of animals!
* Breasting the animal, namely, run away or disappear!

Treatment; Sprout Magnesium oxide powder on the fly / window!
* Feed slowly magnesium capsules!
* Feed magnesium-rich natural commodities
* Mix magnesium sulfate in mixture and feed!


* Finishing items that magnesium are less digestive
* Feed magnesium mass grains
* Keeping salt in the skull
Feed feeding milk to animals
* Feeding the dice of milk duck to milk animals
* Calm environment
* Finishing poisonous food by cultivating living in the earth etc.
* Lining trees with trees
* Reduction of potassium and nitrogen fertilizer
* Making a safe record of animals
* Make a milk mill at least two grams of magnesium

Other similar diseases similar to tetanus symptoms;

* Food Positioning
Ozzy Diesz
* Eating poisonous grass or sailor animal feeding etc.

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