Another religious illness, symptoms, reasons and treatments serve as a beloved mysterious to the brothers' mysterious mysteries.
This disease can be transmitted so it should be separated from the disease and timely treatment is appropriate.


Thyria is a parasite of blood like malaria which indicates the blood of the animal, it is the deadly disease of the illicit animal.
Those who spread healthy animals spread from sick animals due to squeeze and mosquitoes
In this disease animal fever is reduced to 108 Fahrenheit
* The sharp fever is 106 to 108 in this disease
* Watering in animal chest
* Coughing
* Fast sharp and puffed up breathing
* Anxiety of animal beats
* Breast the mouth of the animal

Due to lack of treatment, the animal's breathing closure and flooding in water causes death


* Spaghetti, beef and mosquito spread the illness to the poorest animal from sick animals
* This disease only takes the cow
* It could not be a threat to human health or at least yet


* Spray spray
Spray in the holes of walls, floor rugs and cucumbers
* Spray attackers attack on night, so spray should be done in the night
* Should specialize in diamond / shade cleaning
* Treat the illness with the medicinal medicine also, use the following spray

Also, the Elopathic immigrants like
Use it because iron deficiency may also cause red blood sales due to this disease, so also more vitamins and iron is also useful. Iron screw is a good source.

Desi animals have created system interfere with our environment for centuries. Praise be to the Sahiwal generation does not squeeze and even if there is a screwdrop, then our queen does not make any difference.

Desi treatment

* If there is a squeeze, then the diesel should be filled with water in the skin
* Mix the squeezed beast and grind it in 100 grams of fine flour in my oil

* If a sick animal gets transmitted from illiterate, then it
Half past clue
Hundred grams of gold
Hundred grams
Grind hundred grams and grind sauce salt, sogram sweet soda, three green peppers, one kilograms of leaves, one onion coat mix.

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