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It is good to repent, but the way it should be natural

For this, Desi Agasas formula is served
They try to feed their animals
The person who is deprived should offer a better formula than that, we will also accept it and thank him too!
Coffee friends are angry because of the fact that if they live in a country like Canada, then God Almighty is the reason that there is an error in the blood of their original forgor, lawmakers do not forget their homeland!

Wherever you live, love your soil, make it easier for your people because it is also Sunnah, or after the Medina migration, they will not return to Makkah Makkah !!!

Window service is served;
* Take Alice, corn, Joe, Black Chanel grade four
* Add garbage and a sack open bundle to a window with salt
* Start big animals, bulls etc every morning in one kilogram evening, if you like the animal, give it twice a day.
Take the goats in the evening and take half a kilometer in the morning and go to the evening and spend evening in the morning.
* Provide sufficient amounts of water to your animals
* Put salt in the skull
And keep animal friendly, they can consider you as their problems, because you're in touch with them!

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