Desi oil, hybrid crop prepared by oil and bypass fat !!!!
Desi oil, used for centuries, may not be fully aware of its new utility, but a book can be written on its utility, Trim Desi means not only Pakistan but any country's things are the same thing for the people of this country. Are they india or canada !!!
When Desi Trim is used in the forming, it means naturally obtained goods, animals, vegetables, fruit fats, and herbs.

These items are also obtained in hybrid ways, but they will be insulted by the natural system
Hybrid Crops are not only harmful health for humans but also harm animals
Not only for the environment, but also to harm the earth, have different types of chemicals used to achieve them, with fertilizers from different spray and chemicals.

Desi crop and hybrid crop is almost as much as as in Desi eggs and feeded fried chicken eggs.
Or let's say as much as the difference between the briter and the dessert chicken

By many intellectuals harmonious oils harm animals and benefit from biosafety, one of these intellectuals refuses to accept our queen Sahiwal cow as a beast and said it was a slaughtered animal and this was the subject of Desi Bhayityi! !!

Talk about detail on this pre-acid can cause any damage to any thing that is apparent, such as
* One person died in excess of water in America
* Increasing wheat frying caused the animal to become angry
* Increasing minerals makes the animal sick and walked
So the main point is moderate and balanced food!

If you add more amounts of oil, it is obvious that the animal may cool and may become ill!

* Large animals should give oil to one pound only half
* Should be oiled by season
* Different methods of oiling are to be given in the same manner as the procedure for diagnosis
* Do not give oil daily
* Oil should be given two / three days a break
* Must give mustard seeds in the summer

Now, come to Acids, those people who do not appreciate biopsy fat do not tell why ...
* What is this fat?
* Do not use Palm Oil?
* Does not it have more acid in the body?

If there is a brief explanation of these things while tapping the appreciation bridge then perhaps there is no dispute!
Below are detailed tablets comparable to Canolah and mustard in the first table, with difference in the oil produced by Desi and hybrid crop is also clear. The other table contains details about the acid in Palm Oil, if any person has argued. ..
* Biops is better than fat oil
* Palm oil is not used in biopsy fat
* Biopas fat is less than mustard acid

So we will also do valکمies and support them only, and to put a momentum to commemorate commission or fraud, find another place, we will not leave the farmer on the sorrow of the kinsmen.
For the duplicate, the mind is also necessary to keep my farmers informed about the weather and animals of Pakistan while advising them
* Not necessarily useful in negative forty-eight countries, that is useful in the forty-four countries.
* It is not mandatory that the provincial animals can tolerate the weather of Pakistan, their air flows in the summer
* It is not necessary that things in conflicting areas are equally useful
Here, here we suggest advice for a native animal and prescription is also available for a homemade animal.
I hope those who did not understand will now understand and those who do not even come, they do not mind what they want.

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