My friends requesting the brothers to drink half a meal of oil in a summer season, and give milk to your milk animals once a week.

Besides that ....
* Green pepper, chicken odor, onions, ginger also give every goat with black salt and saffron.
* Avoid chemicals, colorful packets
* Keep your animals away from dirty and harmful things like lime and DCP
* Microwave can be killed in the sewage, animals may also be killed, even try to save the animal from the cyclists and not the chillis is better than green.
* Avoid Mineral Mix and Marketplace
* Create a window made of natural commodity
* Do not use vessels such as urea in spray
* Mix and paste in green charts
* Wake up the window in the summer session
* Do not heat the meal of oil, oil, oil etc. as well as hot water oils

If you have questions about any kind of advice, prescription or nutritional information, please direct me inbox.

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