Sari's identity
Often the brothers ask for advice when the disease reaches the rise
Today you will be able to tell easy and cheaper test if you do not understand the first time, then read the second time and try all milk milk for every fifteenth day.
Tests can be identified in the early stages due to the test and can be prevented from getting rid of timely treatment.

The first way is something
Water: a glass
Surf Washing Powder; Two Meal Tips
Tea blank cups or cups; four numbers
A small piece of black colored dresses

Method imports;

Solve the surf in water
Take a little bit of milk in each bowl, so that there are four teaspoons of milk in four bowls.
A little milk should be drained before milking milk.
Have milk equal to all the drinks
Insert the solvent of the surf so much as much as possible in each bowl
Now check each cup of milk separately
Understand the bowl of the bowl, that is the effect of the sauce

Second version;

Vessel washing strip; 40 millimeters
Water; 255 million liters
The food-soluble soluble (a sharp yellow or green color) is a millimeter

Method imports;
Mix all the ingredients by mixing the solvent and putting it in a cover bottle

Take a spoon of milk in a separate cup separated from each thread and put one of the spoon solubles and check the test risel below.

* Milk looks like normal milk, milk is correct✔

* Milk will be slightly thick but it's a sign of starting the summer if it is more like normal milk.

* Milk will become thick like jelly, but a small amount of it is like normal milk, the sour begins with a few days.

* If the milk becomes completely thick like jelly, then understand the cold pressure ✘

English cure;
Anti-peptic treatments are also used to treat antibiotics to treat sari, which are often used in antibiotics, ceftofer, amoxicilin, ampicilin, gentamycin, penicilin etc.
If the vine vaccine is timely, it is possible to use it

Desi treatment
Lime 250 grams
Milk half kilograms

Use method;
Cut the lime and bake it in milk and use the animal to grow in the next morning and take 5 days continuously.

Second version;
Red chopped pepper 250 grams
1 liters water

Use method;
Boil the pepper well in water and when it becomes cooked, add 1 pie cooking oil into two pieces and use it both in two days.

Third version;
Drink Desi Garlic 1
Milk 2 Litter
White gram 100 grams

Use method;
Make all these ingredients cooked daily for 5 days


* Give animals a balanced diet, do not just mix vegetables or vegetables only
* Maintain drinking water regularly whenever the animal drinks or drink water at least four times a day
* Keep the salt stone permanently in the skull
* Avoid odor like market window, mineral mix and DCP
* Feed the dishes made by Desi Agasas, it has all the things that do not match the mixture of Mineral Mix, DCP and Marketplace.
Sialize is neither alternative to the window nor can it be doubled, but if the cyclose is micaracts, the chilez becomes a poison that can kill animals, so prefer freshness.
* Provide shiny, clean space to summer animals
* Smoking must be before and after mice
* Do not breastfeed for the baby before leaving the mice
* Do not let the animal sit for at least forty and four minutes
* Sprinkle the lime where the animals tie

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