Differences, animals and care

My post is especially my young member
Often times by committees and posts, it is estimated that many young people do not have the right information about farming and animal animals, and this is an open argument that many young people do not spend time with their elders whether they are employed or educated. Or other engagement!
When I set a group, you can see several posts daily on Watchlist, Marketplace, DCP etc.
Because I was not interested in this, I quietly read the post of different people, in the group, a specific class was making it easy for farmers, but on the contrary, some people were misguiding the farmers.

My end was over when ...
* Cycle was declared window
(Not a streamlined window or alternative)
* DCP powder (which is made of dead animal bones and eggs)
(DCP powder is not mandatory and it's dirty)
* Biopsy fat is considered useful for oil and its research, as it is considered harmful to lead oil.
(Oil gives great results in summer)
* My daughter-in-law has been refreshed as she was considered as a stranger
(The best cow of the world is our Sindhi, Sahavalayan and Cholistani)

Then I made detailed posts on these subjects and some researchers questioned some of them and blocked some, and some were silent, some did not discuss without arguments, but nobody gave answer to my raised questions nor did I give any answer. He acknowledged his mistake

Then, my post started with a series of straight-on-the-go committees, and till today the same is being tried to make sure that Maling is against antiquity animals and doctors, which are contrary to the fact that they are not realistic and realistic.

Due to a few people, this game of annoyance has gone on for quite a long time with group counts also made mischief.
Masood Nadeem, Imran Brother, Mohammad Arshad and Muling were also sunglasses and were tried hardly in the group spreading antitrust among the opponents in a group of respected doctors who took me a lot of frustrations.

I am neither against doctors nor against anti-religious animals, but I am with all those who make easy access to the farmer.
All doctors do not get wrong because of a few doctors, and not all commission agents have any doctor's commissions.
The doctors are also our brothers and are able to study degrees for years. Of course, in other fields, black sheep are also in this class, and all doctors will not become bad because of them, but they still have fear of God.

As far as the animals are concerned, their advice does not give the common farmer that ...
* Our hot weather can not tolerate the weather
* Providing balanced service and providing balanced temperature to the poor is beyond the bus
There are many diseases in the country which can not be found in Desi, and the poor farmers can get bankruptcy.
* Olive milk is a slice of a beast
* There is no longer a living animal compared to Desai's animals
* There is a lot of heat in our homeland and the welfare can tolerate heat for twenty-six degrees, while the coldness of living in this environment for the past century and milk also thickens.

Now, come on other subjects that care about animal care
Careers often see that many of our youth do not even know that ....

* How are the windows?
What is the sari?
What is Mouth Horse?
* What are symptoms of poisoning and vomiting?
* How much should you feed the animal?
* How should the cleaning position be?
* How is the animal friendly?
From where things are known to young people, there is also a reason for their elders to get away. Ask all my youth to sit in time for the elderly farmers and gain knowledge, get all the biological benefits.

Animal pets should ...
* Manage the best cleaning
* Feed the animal with sufficient amount of water, often people drink only twice a day, it is not useful to do so
* Drink the animal for at least four times or arrange permanent where the animal may drink water whenever it wants
* Milk without balanced diet is not found right and weakness of the body is weak due to which the animal may suffer.
* Provide the shade to the summer animal
* Give a natural commodity window where there is chemicals in the market where they are often very hot and you do not even know what they are opening.
Wake up the window
* Provide heat oil in the summer, it eliminates the internal heat of the animal
* Give green chop and mix
* Be sure to keep the stone rock in the skull
* Stay close to animals and love them because the animals are happy when you see them
* Observe the daily animal, try to understand their body gender, one will come to know if you see the animal hungry or thirsty!

Most of you, including doctors, animal husband brothers, peasants, desi therapist experts and resident members, ask us to come together and create easy access for one another.

Man comes empty handed and goes empty handed
But actions either make the next destinations easy or easy
Do you know what the brother wants to hear from the prayer of the brother and make it easy for the next days?

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