Milk Animal
* Clean-chemicals
* Pure
* Create a homepage of Bhoppur window from Healthy and Vitamin / Minerals

Rice mill twenty kg (broken)
One / wheat wheat
Corn one one
Blacklisted five kg
Twenty five kg
Thara my / mustard ten years
Sonf one kilogram
Oven salt three kg
Open a sack separately for a bowl

Take salt, saffron and garbage (plus coat) except all peas (grade four millimeters of silver will be better) After that, add salt, garbage and saffron curate to mix and mix all ingredients well and mix Save the stored window into polyethylene (plastic broken)
Get this window mixed daily or broken
It will not only increase the strength of animals, but also milk will increase

Do not buy poison and toxins mixed with charming packaging in the market. Buying a window is a bit hard to prepare. This will be the best results.

The window is to be begun half a kilogram morning and evening
If you like the animal and you can see positive results for the fifth day, keep the quantity of water every week and give it a half kilograms till morning.

In this window, animals will meet vitamins and minerals!
I.e. protein, magnesium, potassium, calcium, carbohydrates, iron, sodium, sugar, fiber, vitamin A, b thigh, c, etc.
The use of the group will be reflected on its effect

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