A few days ago, a window formula was used by which many brothers and sisters used to be beneficial and received very positive responses, but in the eyes of a few experts, they do not have the amount of protein.
Answer: Do you think that someone is blocked by someone else who is blocked by anybody else. * This is not better than window window.
* Maling has no field experience
* Check out the milling degree
* Milling is sitting abroad and is misguiding people etc.
It is a matter of fact that a milling sense is not a student, but it is a childhood, so today, this post is showing that I can overcome some problems and learn!

The first thing is that if a brother wants to make a correction, it should be considered to him and it is possible that my mistake is, but as long as anyone does not talk about this mistake, how will I know that I am wrong at all Am i
* Many brothers understood me as a dinger doctor whose misunderstanding took away!
* Many brothers, Hakim understood their misconceptions away!
* Some brothers thought my business was my dairy.
First of all, I invite all the specialists to the live program that they believe.
* My field is not an expression
* My window is empty from protein
* My window is not better than the window

Let me tell me my mistake, I will also get a mistake from literature and also follow your suggestion, give me the opportunity to learn from me and other members by living in the house on Desi Agasas or Desi animals. Provides easy accessibility, Amen

Now I am aware that the farmer / animal husband brothers should first do research
It is very important to understand the cost, profit, loss and profit fraud
Some brethren developed a window in which life was double, and on the third day both the animals increased one kilometer, other brothers also made a good response.

Rational argument,
Marketplace is eleventh to fifteen, different companies have different prices, till farmers reach the window, there are considerable parts of the price of this window.
* The farmer from which he was purchased
* Courier who bought from the farmer to the company
* Company that has developed, including employees and remaining expenses
* Dealers or agents that reach the window to a general shopkeeper
* The shopkeeper who has to sell the farmer
Now figure out that if you take part in all of them in your sleeping window, then in a careful manner, there will be five hundred ingredients in one bag.

On the contrary, if you prepare a window at purely home, it will cost from 1400 to 100,000 still still you think that the company is the son of our father, who will prepare us for a hundred and a century ? .

If you are in the form of a formula component, you get up to 2500 sacks.
So read and listen to everyone but also make sure that I am doing business business, neither do I intend to have a plan, as a show, I would like to make a membership fee and build a WhatsApp group. Usages by hostage!

Ask the person who discusses this window with the mistake that can be mistaken, including me, your and your critics, so they either live and indicate the errors it may make or avoid avoiding the widespread discussion.

If you do not understand anybody who is not able to understand, then you can ask questions in the house that will be done by doing full homework and doing a live program, and guide me to the rest of my team as well.
Note; Today, a regular movement starts against mafia mafia. In this case, Pakistan will explain Desi Winde in Pakistan newspapers and will also write a detailed post on Hybrid Sheds.

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