Two days ago I had a post about the flesh's identity- but it did not have any specialty except three to four people. -I know as few people as far as I guess.
In this context, some experts in a agricultural magazine have related highlights of meat. Some of them give you a glimpse of your interest in meat and its intuition.

The attributes of meat generation

Breeds of cattle and buffalo in our country are basically counted in breeding animals-more breeding generations have the ability to grow young in early generations. The stomach is relatively "round and crane gear. The bones of such animal legs are small but thick. Their waist is filled with spacious and fleshy. The neck is small and shoulders are mixed with the shoulders. Skins are loose, hair blended. And the legs are align and small, but the type of features in the country There is no generation ac

Variety of animal meat

Buffalo meat

The color of the violet is deep, lentil fibers relatively thick than cow meat "appears thick and fat.


The cow is sweet and stupid. The lentil is like a milk-like milk.

Goat meat

The goat's flesh is like a goat's milk-particles and fat particles are reduced.


It is soft and light red than the bull. Its fat is white and soft ._The old lamb is a delicious color-the hair of the wool somewhere else is visible.

Horse meat

Horses are dark ink and dark, and it keeps black in the air. It is black in the horse. There is a mood in the horse's meat and the taste is cooked and sometimes the greedy shopkeepers have a gourmet, etc. I put_

camel meat

Its color is also dark red-fiber is tough. Flavor is salted - it is fried as a fry on the skin.

Ship note
Some greedy grains come to the market of freshly born or unborn baby to sell. -The identification of this meat is that this meat is very soft and tasted even can be broken by fingers_Report but this meat is badly fun. And is less powerful

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