Make a goat window formula 100kg or 10kg
The common ingredients are the only magnets of Gauffen Rafhan Faisal, which are worth Rs. 50 kg in Lahore. If available in your city, can not be found in your city with retail truck service at the lowest price at the cost of the phone number. 03006986918
The formula you can make up to 100kg or 10kg is your own. Your animal will be ready for 3 months in advance. 1 Paw window should be mixed in half a kilogram or evening.

1-day glutton
Riffen% 30 = 30kg .... or 3kg
2-corn storey = 40 kg .... or 4kg
3-square wheat = 30 kg ... or 3kg
4-Vitamins Minerals. = 1 kg ... 100 grams
5-Soda Bai Carb = 2 Kg. 100 grams
Put the powder twice a day or two on the green chart, give it twice a day or give it once.

Bronze breaks are 100% capable of digestive use

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