Hunger nutrition increases by 100% equal to green charts, stomach is poor food and its nutrition is equal to its diet, but its nutrition can be increased easily.
The way
25 kg 1kg urea +10kg water
50 kilograms of breadth. 2 kg fertilizer +20kg water
100kg seed ... 4kg fertilizer ...... 40kg of water

According to the quantity of hungry, prepare the solvent to lay on the plastic sheet, make the settlements sliced
And Nursery Stove or Spray Machine with Open Nylon
These solvent sprayed on the bottom of the kisses
And mix one or two people together to mix this soluble so that this soluble mix well with a mixture.
And on the third floor, keep doing this process so that all your breaks are over

Plastic sheet or
Plastic Shop Envelope
Pack this airtime
The whole cell was closed and could not enter the air

* You can open this stack for a month by airtime, then it does not have to be closed

It is now 100% capable of developing

You can now open it after a month after a normal break or you can use it outside the shopper.

Chemical process
* The urine fertilizer of this solution is converted into ammonia gas a few days later, and the idea is absolutely wrong that the effect of the urea fertilizer is in milk, which is a risk for human health. It proved wrong to test it in the milk laboratory. Is it
It is a perfume of ammonia gas that causes heat to cause airtime one month and eliminates the chemical effect on the hard layer Lignin over the stomach, which causes 50% of the normal obesity.

After a month, the color of the spray will be brown and when you are smoked, you will feel ammonia gas sharp smell that is temporary.
Keeping it open before using the spray is eliminated

If 2% of uranium shrimp mixes, its nutrition will increase to 7% to 10% now. Its protein is increased by 4% of the bird, and the balanced diet of the protein consists of CP 14% protein. 30% of them can be made profitable and healthy by reducing the cost of animals and giving them training to the poor farmers and women, their current live stocks (goats and goats)
Helping to get better profits can be helped to make non-profitable live stock profits.

It is hard to spray urine tattoo in a plastic sheet by spraying uranium soluble for one month

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