Double profit from animals
Get rid of the animal milk milk and grab their kidneys and male children by eating them on their shelf starter formula.
Weight gain for 4 months in a year and a half year on my formula for beds / beds in 15 months.

My Cafe Starter Formula *

10 corn gram / porridge (grilled corn)

5 Kilograms Square Wheat

5kg glutton (raffan) 30% 5 kg

LS Miners Nawan Company 200 Grams

* Mix all the ingredients if the contact glutton is not available then contact the Gondal Birling Company at 03006986918 and submit all the items in your city.
Method ***
In front of a calf calf / kitty cut
This window, in front of the first week of birth, is in front of her for 6 months with a pot of potatoes so that she can eat diligently with her heart.

Note this with 2 mothers of milk twice in the first week with no milk to give milk for two months.
When it starts eating a kilo window daily
(After 2 months)
Then she does not have to breastfeed her mother
Give her milk to the mother's milk after closing it completely in the weekend

- Then with the window
Start dry lens / brass or green tea, now this window has been able to digest it after 2 months instead of 6 months.
With this window, it is grown in 2 months, in normal conditions only in mother's milk up to 6 months.

And over time, the weight of the baby should be 4 to 6 kilograms of weight in the morning, as it is equal to all the milk of the beast and the animal is not able to get the full amount of milk.

Apply for 6 months and apply green on green green tea for 100 months with a weight of 100kg weight and up to 5 kilograms.
And bring it to the formula for 6 months
He had all the time in the skull, so that he could eat himself and drink water

Do not save feed to feed, it's all you spend 100 times more, after making a profit in your pocket.
After 6 months use my second formula and get over 1 kg weight daily

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