Un-employed Metric Pass youth froce as AI,Tcehnician by #LDDB,Punjab
DrKhalid Pervaiz
when already infra-structure is available by pujab,L&DD department ,the new young vets and AI,Ts may be inducted through a channel when we go with unemployed youth for job as AI,T .it would be un-supervised and and equal force against already well established department by govt. and no body will be able to plane Livestock Policy about semen Quality and overcharging charges by these gays working in private sector. Focus should be given induction of new AI,Ts staff under the supervision of vet.officer for monitoring . The LDDB should arrange High Quality semen that is not available at Govt.AI centre on free or subsidised rate under his monitoring system with the collaboration of L&DD .department at secretary level . in our remote corner of villages Bulls for Breeding are not available as one Breeding bull require more than Rs300/day on feed and not available .as it is not suitable for any farmer to keep bull,more than 90% in cow populated areas of Southern Punjab AI Services adopted . I served more than 16 years in Layyah ,Kot Adu and Bhakkar remote area there is no shortage of AI,tech. on one mobile call services available with in 1 hours and if technician late some time 2 technician come at the same time as farmer contact with other AIT. Quality is problem but AIt are not problem .

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