Proved most Economical silage for Our Local Animals

with feeding cost Rs.20 per Animal + concentrate 1/3 om daily Production of Milk

Buffalo with 12 Kg Milk production following TMR was recommended by me.

Daily TMR = 20 Kg silage+ 2 Kg cotton seed Cake (Khal)+ 2 Kg Chokar .

feeding cost practically can be confirmed from owner on his Mobile Number given below .

Its production cost reduced due to multi-cut property (reducing its sowing cost and fast growth giving 4 Cut with heavy yield. Sugar contents in it which help in silage fermentation process for its good Quality

Its one cut /Acre yield is 15 tons and its 4 Cut give 60 tons fodder for silage 60,000 Kg on Economical rate as its production cost for this yield is less than Rs.60,000 as given under

Land preparation for sowing and sowing with Drill = Rs.4000

Seed of Multi cut sweet Sorghum = Rs 3000

DAP 2 Bags = Rs.8000

Urea 2 Bags =Rs. 4000

Spray=Rs 1000

* Irrigation ( If canal water not available)=Rs.5000


Total= Rs.25,000 (First cut)

*3 Extra cut fodder fertilizer


one Urea bags on each cut. 2000x3 = Rs.6,000

**3 cut Irrigation if canal water not Available(5000x3) = Rs.15,000

4 Cuts Expenditure = Rs.46,000

1 Acre silage making charges= Rs.10,000


Total silage 50 tons making Charges = Rs.56,000

In Canal Irrigated Area*+** expenditure may be reduced Rs.20,000

Then its production cost will be = only Rs.46,000

where full expenditure of tube well irrigation = Silage cost about = Rs.1 OR 1.20 *only (if Yield is not on standard production)

This silage is prepared by

Dr.Khalid Pervaiz DLO Bhakkr

at DERA Ch. Liaquat Lumberdar 209TDA

cell # 333-8042822

(32 KM on MM Road) Bhakkar

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