A few years ago, I used to work in a company in Hungary in Dubai, there was a Hungarian engineer with me, My Kung, I had a lot of conversation with it,
One day we were drinking lace packets, which speak Lebanese in the local language,
I told him that we make this house in the house, he was very surprised, how to say,
I told him that we extract lace and butter from the dung, he was surprised even more, saying how it is possible, I said we took out cow milk and made it a yogurt, then put it in the morning and put the butter. And Lucy separately, can make it with hands too,
She was so surprised as I am talking about a third world, I say, these things used to tell my grandmother,
He said, "Write me what you guys are going to lose from organic things for a few years." I said,
He used to do so in Hungary, then the whole economy came into the hands of the Jews.
Administrative matters also came into the hands of Jews,
He ran on media with quality and health, and as many as organic things were declared harmful to health,
Such as open milk, open bread, meat, hotel, fry, etc etc.
What happened now, the brand introduces, according to the International Level Schedule,
The meat supply companies came into the market, they started meeting with beautiful packaging in the meat boxes,
And those who were ordinary sellers began to be scolded on the media that had been raided by agencies, resulting in the result, the small business people who had meat meat had to wash their jobs, and those who were a few investors. Supply companies gave them their franchisees, now they sell the meat of the companies,
If a person takes a normal meat-meat animal, sells meat by slaughtering, selling big meat, drinking water, and doing things, companies do not know anybody, putting them in the machine, doing precious things. And with intestines, !! Then it used to clean the chemical, clean it for a long time and put it in a chemical, then packed it in different sizes and packed them in the market and people would buy brand name, those outside the meat companies. Will be well guessed !!
Then the donkey drama played the media on someone else's say .... So people do not eat large meat and return to the chicken. Are the donkeys lost in the country now?
no !!! But sales target is getting ...
Why did the villagers get away from the cities?
To sell pure milk, fresh, cheaper milk canned milk. When the desired target was not complete then the milk was open.
Similarly, with the milk people; first drive them on the media engaging in the market, then give them their franchise, and start selling their milk,
Now let me know that the milk that comes from the common and small farmer, which neither feeds any animal nor feeds any chemical in the milk, what the maximum, the water will pour, If they put more, they will also know the people,
And what are Nelsley Malik Pack and other Tetra Packs, what they used to put milk for a long time, and feed what animals in the fields,
Is he a milk or a farmer?
The milk exposure in Dubai will be as much as possible, and the higher the value,
If the same company's milk is purchased in Tatra Pack, there is a three-haum per liter price, the company will buy bottles of rice, six dirham liters and today the organic milk has also been marketed, which is 14 rupees per liter. ,
Tell me, what is the need to sell three dharma, packing, if the straight milk is being hung out and then it is fourteen dirham booking ??
People now run behind the organic and we have followed the unfortunate brand,
Now Pakistan is also getting big dairy forms, and every other day the government is raiding the milk people, and showing on the media, that it is mixed in milk, stringring operations are being done. ,,,
And brother, if there is a need to do so, what is the need to shrink the media, why change the mind to bring people's trust,
Aisha Mumtaz Sahib was lounge, she wasted big raids, made heroes in the media, why?
Because, Hamza Dairy Farm and Mian Manisha Dairy Farm are coming to the milk market soon,
In the last days, it was reading that pure milk machines will take place in Lahore, take pure milk by adding money, milk will come straight from Hamza Dairy.
Death on small farmers is shaking, sooner death will die, and people are ready to eat chemicals,
After occupying Sugar, Cotton, Paper, Surya, Steel, Cement, Construction Now Dairy is being captured, non-metallic milk and drama on the department's food media, all this is the case of Mian Munsha and Hamza Shahbaz's dairy farm. There are preparations to bring milk to the market,
The first public confidence will be raised from the common open milk, then the mind of the public will be replaced by describing its packaging chemical stuffed milk with the official department's food by broadcasting the TV on TV. I and the public's money in my pocket,
We got milk, go to public and know the doctor.

Engineer Mohammad Bilal Munir.

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