The most difficult and slow and ever-ending fossils to keep livestock and their food on green is established on the old system of centuries.
Which never thought of changing anyone
Neither did he feel the need to change
Now while 4G technology
Everybody's pocket is in the pocket
But our Farms Instead of learning something new from this technology
They feel proud to tell old-fashioned pastures and treatments.
Becoming a self-sufficient doctor, people are diagnosed in color breeding prescriptions, a disease is written and 100 presents.
Ask them to talk about the better and cheaper food of animals
It is easier than the animal to bear
And could be profitable
But unfortunately they are a positive
Instead of talking about work, you are busy engaging in creating skills and making groups (with those who are sorry)
Very few people have a positive and constructive attitude.

60% of people who do not have resources in Pakistan
Affiliate with live stock and trying for some financial resources for yourself, but success is not possible
They understand how they can get profits from low-quality animals
On the other hand investors like poultry farming
Modern dairy farming is in the field with a profitable provincial animal
The daily production is 30 liters per cow and Rs 130 rupees is lending billions of rupees by selling litter milk
They do not want to
Perhaps the general farmer could compete with the open milk, perhaps the reason why the live stock department has failed to give the common farmer any right to spend billions of rupees on live stock development.
That's also Livestock
By gaining profits, you can improve your economic condition

In the future, in the near future
People of our low-quality animal, as well as increase the poverty and unemployment of people.

The poultry sector, which was also for ordinary farmer a few years back, is now difficult to survive normal forms in this sketch. The control shade and the large group by tackling these smallest formats.
It has been completely controlled

Now live alive of normal livestock farmers compared to dairy congress sheds and 40 liters of animals.
Day body will become difficult, because food will be expensive for day-to-day foods, and these fadrams' revenues will end over time.

When the open-law law has to be applied in the next year, these people are "Nelsley" etc.
Those who are now taking cheap milk from 40 rupees lead, tell less rate or toxin as well that people can leave their animals and keep them alive.

These people are getting 40kg daily on 30kg and 20kg of windwaves. On your motorcycle Motorcycles, you can see yourself in Mian Ramsha or Hamza Shahbaz's Ramzan Sugar Mills with their own eyes. The animal production is 40 kg. He is also alive for 4-5 years in Pakistan
It takes 310 days as much milk and rupee 120 rupees cool bottle pack (in refrigerator)

As long as our Farmers make the whole year
Century Old System
Which causes us to make our animals unprofitable.
It can not provide equal meals like a meal and nutritious animal to the beast all year
Changing this, the Saulage feeding system will be cooked by itself

But some government people who want to earn huge profits come in this chapter
He is the executive secretary of the people who are the government policy makers
It is against making policy of generalization of this forum system publicly
They are busy making pills that only packed milk can be sold in the market

All milk and milkmelon mixtures are mixed on the same ages.
It is not possible to sell milk by mixing such a kind
It is just a drama that ban on open milk

What kind of ingredients made from this ingredient?
People can drink Tea or Well
Can milk such a kind of milk be like real milk and today?
Those who live in big cities are so crazy and foolish they are doing such a mammal milk
Some people are in the mud that mixes milk powder, which is cheaper, mixing them in real milk.
Is it possible?
Chemicals mixed mixed milk people are people and they do not know the taste of tea or tea.
All this is part of a project and bypassing the usual formats
Private sketch is an effort to facilitate
It is possible to make non-profit animals profitable
The cost of charging the entire year is more and more
Annual Income Less
Unless the charity costs are restricted by making it easy for 80 days, which is possible throughout the year feeding.
The cost of making livelihoods possible by eliminating the expenses of the year-old rivalry is possible, but
Unfortunately the Livestock Department has not made any scheme to help the farmer, while High Bread Corner has been cultivated successfully as cash-cropped.

Analysis report
Dr. Khalid Pervez
. . . . . Ex-Director Livestock
. . . . . . . . . Department Punjab Pakistan

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