The major issue of the livestock owners in Punjab is the losses due to non-detection of heat in t!hek
animals, poor dissemination ofAl services ,. and access problems at the appropti'ate time of the service
provider etc. Keepinginviewtheexpounded scenario and inthelight ofintemational adopted practi·ces,
there is calamitous rteed of breeding bulls for natural services. The coverage of breed abfe populallion
throughAl is meager; he.neeimportance ofbreeding bulls for naturalservice issig!lificant.
Large proportion of breed able population was being served through natural breeding byunscreened
males indlscrimi:natelywhlchisalso one·ofthe majo, causesof low productivity andV(?'nen:�al diseases.
l& OD department has launched a project titled ''Improving Productivity and Fertility of 'Small·& Large
Ruminants Jbrou@h Encoura1Jemeot ofBun Kegpjpg for Natural Matin&:. in compliance with Punjab
Livestock SreedingAct, 2014.
Under this development scheme, the bre·edjng bulls for natural services thus identified are being
screened against Srucellosis, Tuberculosis and Haemoparsites etc. according to the SOPs for quality
natural breeding services. l:lreeding male keepers are being tncentivi-zed through the proJect for
encouragement of keeping natu.ral bulls.Thedetail ofincentives isasunder;
Sufi/Cow bulls Rs.3000/· per month
Camel Rs.3000/· per month
Suck/Ram Rs.800/· per month

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